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Part 59: Episode 58: The Cat’s in the Cradle

Getting close to the end! Everybody except Dart handled their inner demons, weird bugs have been crushed underfoot, just about there.

Dart: "What is going on here? It is different from any part of the world we've known."

We are definitely not in Kansas any more. Maybe this is the dream of a Virage Embryo?

Rose: "Indeed, the places we have been looked like places on earth. But this
is a completely different world."

Dart: "Don't tell me, this is the core of the moon!?"

Rose: "This look is appropriate for the world of the Virage Embryo, the God of Destruction, to be born."

Dart: "Let's hurry up! If this is our destination, my dad should be heading here too!"

While we talk these monitors all just show static, but after the conversation the inner monitors switch to showing the Moon That Never sets with occasional hiccups. Every time a monitor goes to static we get a short burst of hissy, white noise.

We’re in the last few rooms with random encounters. Roulette Faces are dark element and kind of annoying. Decent HP and they can vomit all the mental status effects at you, including the dreaded charm. Also immune to instant death from Rose’s dragoon magic.

Mad skulls! The thunder element counterpart to Roulette Face. They have all the physical status effects and also immune to instant death.

AND THIS MOTHERFUCKER RIGHT HERE. They have the strongest generic fire, thunder and earth spells. Not a big deal. But they also have Psychadelic Bomb. The game will have sweet vengeance on you for spamming it at every jerk you didn’t feel like really fighting.

As we go further in more screens show other locations from the game and some weird random stuff. LIke this swank ass rocking chair.

I think the bigger screen may be from just outside of Helena Castle when you are escaping with Lavitz and Shana. The smaller one on the left is from the Twin Castle at Fletz.

Top is definitely inside the weird maze building in Commercial City Lohan. The middle one is some random shop somewhere. Not sure on that bottom right piece at all.

Oh hey. Nothing like a giant wall of Neet. The lovely memories of your home town dying for Dart, and utterly fucking things up for Rose!

Quickly something else takes its place.

????: "My world. My future. My hear..."

I’m pretty positive that is supposed to say heart, but by god I will accurately report all text in this game as it is typed.

Dart: "Who is it!?"

????: "My world. My future. My heart..."

They get it right the second time.

Rose: "It is talking directly to our minds."

????: "...Dart."

Dart: "Oh no! Is it Shana!?"

Hopefully not. That really wouldn’t speak well about how well we are succeeding at our task.

Dart: "Wha...what's this!?"

Rose: "It's a Super Virage! I guess he is acting as a gate keeper to protect the God of Destruction!"

Dart: "I don't care what is waiting for us!”

Super Weak Boss Fight!

Seriously, despite being one of the last bosses in the game, it is probably the easiest despite one small catch. Once again we are fighting a Super Virage, although this one isn’t wrecked from having Kanzas blow up on it. You would hardly know it though. It is almost identical in stats to the one on Disc 3. The only notable difference is the body has more HP. But the head has the same(10,000) and destroying either of those two ends the fight.

Rose kicks things off by throwing a good ol’ Psychedelic Bomb at it. I’m going to knock out the arm first and then go for the head, so hitting both is useful. It knocks off half the arm’s life and just under a fifth of the heads. Not going to be a long fight.

Action albert goes in to finish off the arm. Sadly the model doesn’t really change notably when it dies.

This is the main damaging attack it has, though I’d hardly call it scary. Albert still is rocking his Casque so dodges, Dart takes a crushing 200, Rose takes 475.

Dart damages the head by attacking its ankles. Hooray oversized bosses!

Poor Albert hasn’t been in our party much so we’ll charge him with Speed Up and Power Up so he can feel special.

Thus motivated he slices through the Virage’s crotchal region.

The Virage gets in its second and final attack. It also has a rock drop and some sort of asteroid drop it flat out refused to use when I fought it either time.

Dart goes in for the final blow! I manage to muck up his addition cause I haven’t played for a month and had to re-record the very end of this fight because of a graphics bug that previously had only showed up when using Psychedelic Bomb. But it turns out it also showed up here and most of what is to follow was just a black screen instead.

While the head has way less HP than the body, it has a nasty side effect when it dies.

It’s got a damn powerful on death attack that can easily knock out some party members if you didn’t expect it.

Hell, I did expect it and it still nearly killed Rose.

That is some seeerious damage on her.

The attack is so awesome it leaves a colored filter up during the victory pose.

That WOULD go a long way in explaining its terrible defense.

Rose: "I don't think so."

Dart: "Why are you so sure!?"

Albert: "Dart, pull yourself together!"

Just to add to our random enemy mix, have a robot. Also one of the special enemies. You can first run into these near Lohan but are a pretty rare fight. They only take 1 HP of damage from any given attack and love to run away. They also can use an instant death attack. Pretty much you’ll only defeat them by using a Signet stone to stop it from doing stuff.

If you squinted and looked at the game sideways a bit you could probably claim that Endiness isn’t a natural planet so much as a giant science experiment. If you look at it that way Virage isn’t so much the God of Destruction as the equivalent of shoving your lab tools into the autoclave to sterilize it. 00PARTS seems to be a for real robot, the core of the moon that never sets is full of monitors and weirdness well outside the technology of the main of civilization. Clearly the Divine Tree is just a huge, organic incubator. It would also go a long way explaining the giant cannons most of the Dragons have.

I don’t think the creators meant this to be like it all though Possibly they were just ripping off the end game of Xenogears.

Right here is Miranda’s last weapon. Its cool thing is that it does damage to every single enemy on the field. The downside is, you can end the game from right here without another random battle no problem. And only one section of one upcoming boss fight has more than one target.

Final map screen of the game!

Goddamn it, Dart. When are you going to learn to hold onto your goddamn dragon spirit.

Rose: "Zieg!! You don't deserve to use spirits!!"

Only Hobos and Dart deserve spirits! And maybe that rich guy in the bar.

Rose: "Oh no, the Red-Eye Dragon still recognizes you!?"

Zieg: "This is the truth. And the annihilation of the world that is about to occur is the truth as well!!"

Dart: "Dad, stop it. The power is...not generated for that!!"

Zieg: "Learn through your body!!"

Dart: "Stttttttoooooooooop!!!!"

Grumble, grumble. Raslfrazing. Once again Dart is without a Dragon Spirit! Which is honestly not a big deal. At this point of the game the damage output vs. single targets is pretty comparable to maxed additions for our less magical team members.

Also when you target Dart’s good ol’ dad he comes up as Zieg Feld. I’m pretty sure this is the only time Dart’s last name comes up in game.

Zieg starts off by going off on his fiancee.

Can they still be engaged if he got both married and widowed between then and now?

Zieg has a pretty sweet, if entirely impractical sword. For god knows what reason I have Rose wearing the Legend Armor right now so she takes jack and shit worth of damage from the attack.

Dart, mad at his dad for hitting his almost stepmother who killed his real mother leaps into the fray.

Suck it, old man. Dart just did 5x as much damage as you.

This should look familiar!

Zieg actually does have marginally different magic animations than Dart though.

Like leaping off an explosion like a boss as part of Final Burst.

He also shoots off a bunch of submunitions while readying the flaming charge.

Dart is wearing Red DG Armor though and so gives 0 fucks.

Ooooh timing.

Rose gets in on the action.

Zieg decides Albert was being too quiet so starts using him as a punching bag for most of the remains of this fight.

Oh ridiculous Dragoon attacks. It’s actually easier to capture some of these on Zieg than Dart.


And now our problems start. This should also look familiar.

Noooo. Red-Eye Dragon! We’ve been through so much.

How could you turn your back on me. And then light me on fire.

Awwww hell naw. Rose is not in good shape after this one. She only has 3200 health max and has already taken that addition hit.

Zieg adds insult to injury by doubling up with a Flame Shot.

His Flame Shot is way cooler than his sons.

Oh god, Zieg. Why. Why couldn’t you target anyone else.

One funeral pyre, coming right up!

I forget the exact damage it does, but Rose is very much dead after that one.

Dart picks her back up while I pray to god Zieg doesn’t Red-Eye Dragon again then Albert tops everyone off.

Then Dart gets the next move and finishes Zieg off.

This looks more than a little awkward.

Dart gets knocked back and lands sliding.

We immediately cut to shana who has just been hanging out in this energy ball in the background the entire time we’ve been fighting.

Zieg: “I no longer need this flesh.”

The party makes bad ass poses at him.

Wait. What?

Zieg’s whole body starts to slump.

Then collapses to the ground.

I know, right?

And from the body something else arises.

Someone else arises.