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Part 60: Episode 59: It Is Immortality of a Sort

So just as a recap: Doel and Lenus were being manipulated by Lloyd. Lloyd was being used by Emperor Diaz. Emperor Diaz turned out to be Dart’s father, who was actually posessed by Melbu Frahma who he supposedly killed 11,000 years ago! Got it? Good.

Melbu Frahma: "moment for over 10,000 years!"

Rose: "Why!? You must have been defeated by Zieg!!"

Melbu Frahma: "It's true that the sword of that man penetrated me. But, what vanished is only my flesh. I cast a petrifying spell on the man, at the same time, I transmigrated my soul to the spirit. The sublime soul is immortal."

Melbu Frahma: "At that moment, I reentered the light. The first light after 11,000 years. When the Black Monster came to Neet, that foolish soul tried to release the power of the Dragoon, without knowing that I was waiting for that moment!!"

Rose: " was then!!"

Because the world hasn’t shit on Rose enough recently for what went down in Neet. She caused her fiance who had finally found peace and a family to get possesed by this greatest enemy! So many problem she is indirectly responsible for!

Melbu Frahma: "I was released from the spirit and revived! In order to obtain an eternal body that is proper for an immortal soul!! And now, I am becoming a god!!"

After just chilling out in the background through the fight and exposition Shana starts to get sucked into...something by tentacles.

Melbu is having none of that shit and uses some spell to block her from being absorbed by the Virage Embryo.

And then Melbu shove’s his own spirit into the gaping hole of the god.

Rose: "Is he merging with the Virage Embryo!?"

Dart: "Is he going to be the god instead of Shana!?"

Shiiiiiiiiit. This is not going according to plan at all.

Melbu Frahma: "You are right. I obtained the flesh of the God of Destruction!! I am the 'God' himself!!"

????: "A god? Don't make me laugh."

Holy shit it’s Lloyd. Apparently Ziegu Frahma failed to murder him after slamming him several thousand feet down.

Dart: "Lloyd! You are alive!"

Lloyd: "There is no space for you in my utopia!!”

Bro Fight!

This isn’t really a fight at all. It’s a cut scene in the battle engine! It even plays the boss fight music.

Lloyd starts off by zipping around then charging right through center of Melbu.

Jealous of Lloyd’s sweet armor and creeped out by his missing face.

For someone that was going around murdering people casually for his own ends, Lloyd is hilariously self righteous.

Lloyd then dodges a few tentacles from god before deciding its a great time to give a speech.

Luckily he does not get batted down for his trouble and readies one of his signature spells from his boss fight in disc 3.


While still in his blue ball he goes all DBZ and launches energy projectiles out.

Noooooo, Lloyd! Right when you were trying to be a righteous badass! You were supposed to join my party!

It’s been a while since we had a good Dart face. If only it returned in better circumstances.

Dart: “Lloyd!”

Just to rub it in the game gives us a battle over screen.

Dart: "What is this!?"

Lloyd: "It is the Dragoon Spirit of the Divine Dragon and...the Dragon Buster.”

Dart: "Are you here to give us this!?"

Dart: "Yeah, right."

I like how Dart just completely blows off the words of a dying man.

Lloyd: "His birth will be the death of the world. Hurry up.... Stop him...."

Death is eternity. Eternity is stone. Stone is silence. Stone cannot speak but stone remembers. It is immortality of a sort.

The Dragon Buster is utterly hilariously powerful. Rose’s second best, Gladius, has 40 attack. Dragon Buster has 100. Rose instantly goes from mediocre to one of your better physical hitters. She’s faster and more damaging than Albert by the order of 300 damage or so.

And I GUESS you probably are curious about that whole Divine Dragoon thing. Never mind that Melbu Frahma is like six feet away and about to ruin the world. We can run off for a random battle or two!

The Divine Dragoon

Yeah. Dart is basically a Gundam or something now. The Divine Dragoon has to be one of the most utterly ridiculous end game power ups for an RPG character.

And the Divine Dragoon is indeed hilariously, ridiculously powerful. Dart is the only character on the physical end of the scale that can out damage his Additions by being in Dragoon mode against a single target. And oh what damage he deals.

He only has two attacks and they each cost 50MP. Divine Dragon Ball is an attack all that shoots out all those tiny energy balls that the Divine Dragon rained down on Deningrad. Divine Dragon Canon shoots off a smaller, but equally potent version of the huge fuck off cannon that wrecked us in the rematch fight.

Points against it: Only six wings. May take half an hour to do all that damage.

And let’s check in with our party before heading out into the final battle.

Meru: “But I was right. I was right in following Dart. I realized it. In this world, there are lots of people living with lots of thoughts. So that there are lots of fights. BUt there is happiness and joy as well.”

Meru: “I’m totally ready to go!”

Checking in on Shana is less exciting cause she’s still unconscious and all.

Dart: “Shana....Wait for me a little.”

Yeah I don’t think she’s going anywhere soon.

Selecting Zieg just gets a “Dad...” out of Dart. Zieg is still down as well.

Rose: “Yes. Any time.”

But really, what else is there to say?

Albert: “We have fought, laughed, cried and walked together all the way here. But we have to end the walk here. For the sake of the goal that led us here.”

Albert should brush up on his speech skills a bit before heading home, but not too bad.

Dart nods to him. Never mind that Dart never saw him when he was young. And they really look very little alike.

Haschel: “I didn’t understand my daughter’s pain at all. That’s why I dragged it around until now. Shana is the chosen girl. As the soul to destroy the world...When she discovered it, nobody but Shana suffered as much. When Shana comes around, I don’t know where we will be.

Haschel: “But it won’t be realized unless we stop the Wingly who wants to be a god.”

Haschel continues to be the best old person ever.

Miranda: “To Learn the meaning of the “fate” that Soa gave us. This is what I think. Fate belongs to those who are living. We can destroy the “fate” that somebody else made up. And this is the moment.

Kongol: “‘To make a world where all species are equal, a strong leader is needed.’ But Kongol knows. Anybody can make a world where all species are equal. Even you are not Dragoon. Gigantos, Humans, Minintos, Winglies, anybody. Anybody having the feeling can do.”

Kongol: “Gigantos, Humans, Winglies, Gods, anybody. Kongol found out one more thing. We can stop him. Dragoons can save the world.

Our good buddy Kongol may be ignorant but he isn’t stupid. Shine on you crazy diamond.

And now we are ready to end this. 11,000 years is a long time to wait.

But even the gods may die.