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by Really Pants

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Original Thread: I will remind you that I have a very large stick. Trails in the Sky SC



-Shine of Eidos-

The Legend of Heroes series spans approximately seven hundred different titles by Falcom Corporation, dating all the way back to 1989. Only a few games in the series have yet made it through localization hell to see a western release. Trails in the Sky First Chapter is an excellent, ridiculously charming JRPG, and Second Chapter still manages to improve on just about every facet.

This LP will mostly be screenshots, using the option to carry over a completed save from Trails FC. There will be immediate, huge, massive, unavoidable spoilers for FC, so if you're not familiar with the prequel then you should probably read this LP by Cake Attack first, or just go play it yourself. At any rate this will be a much better read if you already know the characters and give a shit about what happens to them.

Now let's begin.

The story so far
Bracer Notebook

Even five years ago, when I took him in, I knew we would someday reach this moment.
A lovely girl like you ain't allowed to be sad on a gorgeous day like this.
Estelle. I'm counting on you.
No, BECAUSE we're bracers, we HAVE to look great! It's our duty!
Okay...I'll do my best today, too. I promise.
Cuteness is justice! And justice is poweeer!...Or something.
Surrender quietly...or we have a little hunting party.
And at last, comprehension dawns.
Let's return. To the land being swallowed by the creeping Liberl.

Call it a gate on the trail that leads to the Goddess' treasure.

Well, we're doomed, then.
I do believe we are in some amount of peril, my good Mr. Crosner.
After all, he IS the kind of man who would be willing to leap off a moving airship...
You guys have your work cut out for you. Geared up and ready to go, I hope?
Let's see just how tough you guys have gotten...'ve been through so much.
Could this be...fate? ♥
My goodness. What a tragedy in the making.
...Whatever. I'm gonna nap until it's over.
And all of my memories are ruined forever.
We're gonna go into this schoolhouse, punch the ghost in the face, and drag him back to the guild!
'Creepy mask dude'?

According to the professor, these phenomena are just the 'tip of a miracle.'

Heh! My graceful conversational skills finally have their time in the spotlight.
You better come back with some great stories...and bring Joshua back with you!
I heard that Zeiss has stairs...that MOVE. MOVING! STAIRS!
Well, that was a great way of getting welcomed to Zeiss.
Geez, is there anything this nutcase doesn't have up his sleeve?
And I shall serve as your final opponent.
Those darn dirty, calculating...
You really have become much more of a true bracer.
Now we just wait for an earthquake again.
Whoever is responsible doesn't have a lot of common sense.
You sure know how to keep a guy waitin'.
You can bet I'll help you, in any way I can.

Your freedom is coming soon, Colonel. I promise.

W-Well, that was certainly...a thing.
Oh, sorry, Estelle. I didn't mean to chew your head off.
'Ouroboros, please attack us.'
This is sorta nostalgic, in a 'that was an awesome adventure' kind of way.
Tita and Renne together...Why does that combination send a chill of doom down my spine?
Your soul has gained new steel since we met last, Estelle.
This mission kinda feels personal now.
I don't suppose you'd be up for swapping some stories, would you?
Well, that explains everything and leaves us with no questions. No, siree.
I am not about to lose to an eleven-year-old! Come on!
This is from Joshua, isn't it.
I have a feeling some serious stuff is goin' down.
Long live...Colonel Richard's dream!
I give it about even odds of either working or, uh, gettin' us all killed. Messily.
I must be really good at this! Either that, or you're just that dumb.
When she joins will be entirely of her own volition.
Ummm...Estelle? Don't go crazy about this, okay?

Be careful. This won't be a normal fight.
Always remember you have friends you can rely on. And you'll always, always have me.

Haha, it's business as usual in Rolent.
It's always relaxing to get back home.
Did you guys...hear the sound of a bell just now?
To think something so grave would occur here...
You'll find the answer you need if you take it one step at a time. I know you will.
Ah, my rose, but the weather casts a pall on men's hearts this day!
This is a taunt we'll have to answer.
Oh, goodness! Estelle, what is it? Did you have a bad dream?
Give my regards to your father. And to Joshua.
If you wish to oppose us, you will need everything you have.

Do we intend to turn this nation into nothing more than a smoking crater?

Casual heroism's just part of the job as a bracer, ma'am.
I was wondering what we were going to find here...
Beyond here it is a battle of wills. Now, overcome it with your love and courage!
The dangers of the Gospel...I feel like we've gotten a real hint of them.
In truth, it was nothing special. Simply a memory of my boyhood.
Agate Crosner. It has been some time, sir.
We're gonna have to be bastards about this.
It's not a 'something-or-other medal'! It's the Grand Cordon of the Order of the Winged Stallion!
You're not gonna give us a ton of those weird mushrooms again, are you?
Well, this is quite the turn of events!
As the one mercy I can offer you, I'll end this quickly.
You can very easily say that the blood of those people is on my hands.
I just want to say...thank you. So much. For always being my big brother...
I get to have my fun with surprises SOMETIMES, my princess.
Short of the truly unpredictable happening, this plan should succeed.
Great Aidios, who art in the sky. us who stand upon this chaotic earth.
Damn you...You will not escape!
And now we are prepared to enter the belly of the beast.
Thou hast my gratitude.
Those bracers are going to have some explaining to do.

She and I should never meet again. It's for the best.

Well, I guess the world ain't gonna end if we take a breather.
That's certainly a familiar face, isn't it?
Aaaand so we show up at just the right time.
The evening was just as lovely back then, too...
This is going to be the most dangerous thing we've ever done. By a lot.
This place seems more a house of horrors with every step we take.
I'm afraid this is check and mate.
Why don't we take the chance to have a nice chat?
This is darkness, Estelle Bright.
Looks like you're having a hard time. Allow me to assist.
Oooh, Joshua, you're such a stud. ♥
I finally reached you.
I promise I won't ever run from reality again.

The moment is upon us.

This is just the kind of time we all need to work together!
Have a care as you rush into danger like Poms, you hear?
Show me that radiance as it brings light to this shadowed land!
Six years and you still haven't changed at all.
Time for a good, old-fashioned deathmatch.
Looks like we've got our work cut out for us, huh?
You really haven't forgotten, have you, Scherazard?
Of all the people in the world, you, maybe you...can actually reach her.
I'm sorry I don't have any ice cream, but we'll still have lots of fun. I PROMISE.
Good evening, then, everyone. And welcome to the new age.

We're really in trouble now.

Right now we must focus on what CAN be done.
We might not be able to do a hell of a lot, but times like this are when bracers have to step up.
I hope you will continue to be the kingdom's hands, bracers.
Not that we can solve something like this just by waving our hands...
But, seriously, we can't just give up on them! Everyone's waiting!
Be careful, friends. I fear the danger has only just begun.
It is not an overstatement to say that the future of Liberl may rest on your shoulders.
Certainly there is much we do not know...
What we must focus on now is putting what we know to use for the future.
I feel like we might be able to offer a bracer-like solution.
Unfortunately, resolving the broader situation may still take time.
Action first, words later! We'll send these things packing!
As for my other goal...That, Dean Collins, would be the princess.
Gooooood afternoon! Someone order a rescue?
What part of this is work-related, exactly?
What're we even gonna do?!
You seemed quite eager for a fight. Are we still desirous of violence?
I am little more than a royal bastard.

What will you do when your wings of hope are ripped from your back?

Thanks, Creepy Disembodied Voice.
WHY did the residents abandon such a nice city?
I'm willing to bury the hatchet. And the whip. (Please, bury the whip.)
Stop being all mopey and get ready to kick some butt!
It's time for the biggest fight of our lives.
Weissmann's game has only just begun.
I'll put everything I've perfected in the society into my bury Taito forever.
Hmmhmm...Your skill with a whip's certainly improved.
Loewe is really serious about stopping you this time.
If you feel the strength of your conviction is stronger than my own...Then let it speak for itself!
The trial is over. Now comes the execution.
Damn, that's messed up.
It's time you realized just what it means to oppose me.
I've found what I was looking for, so it's time I went on home. much for going back, I guess...
You have earned your rest.

This whole mess was just the beginning.

The Liberl News

Issue 1: [Rebuilding the Army] Post-Coup D'etat Reorganization Commences!
Issue 2: [Ruan Mayoral Election Special] The Contest Heats Up! Details Inside!
Issue 3: [Ruan Election - Clash of Candidates] A Riot on the Bridge?! Exclusive Photos Inside!
Issue 4: [Earthquakes Over] Central Factory Declares Zeiss Safe! Is the Danger Over?
Issue 5: [Ruan's New Mayor Decided!] The Election is Over! Who did the People Choose?
Issue 6: [The Intelligence Division Resurfaces!] Shocking Events in the Capital! Resolution Inside!
Issue 7: [Non-Aggression Pact Signed] Exclusive Details from inside the Erbe Royal Villa!
Special: [Ancient Dragon Appears!!] Legendary Beast Runs Rampage in the Bose region!
Issue 8: [Operation: Dragon Capture] The Liberl News is on the Mission! Full Details Inside!
Issue 9: [The Royal Army Reborn] The Royal Army Transforms! Organizational Updates Inside!
Issue 10: [The Kingdom Under Fire!] Info On the Abnormalities Occurring Across the Country!
Issue 11: [City Under Siege - Crimson Soldiers Invade!] Up-to-date Info on the Fighting Inside!

Gambler Jack

Chapter 1 - The Girl
Chapter 2 - The Offer
Chapter 3 - Challenge at High Noon
Chapter 4 - The Daughter
Chapter 5 - The Invitation
Chapter 6 - The King
Chapter 7 - The Banquet of Darkness
Chapter 8 - Haru
Chapter 9 - Nostalgia
Chapter 10 - The Match
Chapter 11 - The Decisive Moment
Chapter 12 - The Truth
Chapter 13 - The Sense
Chapter 14 - To Each their Own Wish

The Doll Knight

Chapter 1 - The Puppeteer's Apprentice
Chapter 2 - The Blue Knight
Chapter 3 - On the Road Home
Chapter 4 - A Righteous Display
Chapter 5 - The Girl With Sky Blue Eyes
Chapter 6 - The Melancholy of the Princess
Chapter 7 - Turbulent Days
Chapter 8 - What Makes the Darkness Shake
Chapter 9 - Afternoon in the Lesser Palace
Chapter 10 - A Faint Pain
Chapter 11 - The Devil's Attack
Chapter 12 - The Crimson Demon
Chapter 13 - Saying Goodbye
Chapter 14 - The Cost of Deceit
Chapter 15 - A Little Decision
Chapter 16 - The Duke's Private Manor
Chapter 17 - And So the Boy Becomes a Man
Chapter 18 - The Duel Between Red and Blue
Chapter 19 - Red Hot Roar
Chapter 20 - The Whereabouts of the Deathmatch
Chapter 21 - The Dollmaster's Purpose
Final Chapter - A Moment's Rest
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