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Original Thread: The Ninja Gaiden Trilogy



Man, am I hellbent on driving myself insane or what?

The Ninja Gaiden games are well known for their difficulty and their cutscenes. Telling their story through animated scenes between acts, the games earned a cult following and still appear in lists for the best NES games of all time. This thread will have video LP's of all three Ninja Gaiden games on the NES and will give those who have never seen the ending of the game a chance to see the end to each story.

Taken from the game manual of Ninja Gaiden 1:



The wind howls as the two "Dueling" Ninjas glare at each other in the moonlight. Though these men seem like little more than shadows in the air, the moonlight reveals just for an instant, a glint of light that proves to be the end of the contest. Ken, head of the Hayabusa clan which has for generations been the guardian of the Dragon sword, is defeated.

Ken's son Ryu, after learning of his father's defeat, finds a letter. In it Ryu is told that if his father does not return, he must take the secret Dragon sword and go to America. Ryu senses danger awaiting him in America. What will be the fate of Ninja Ryu!?


Cinema display

*Tecmo Theater
TECMO Theater Games feature a dramatic storyline which goes along with the game play and make it even more fun and exciting.

*Cinema display
"Ninja Gaiden" has a Cinema Display (TECMO's unique system) that shows movie-like scenes. Movie techniques such as close-ups of characters and different camera angles are used. In addition there are great sound effects and background music.
The storyline has one great scene after another, rising to an exciting climax. Follow the story and then put yourself to the test as the screen changes to the game mode. This is where your skill comes into play! After wiping out the enemy and reaching your goal, continue on with the story. You become the Ninja Dragon. Now, enter the world of "Ninja Gaiden" and may the spirit of the Dragon be with you. Good luck!

Taken from the Manual of the Second Game:


Story Recap:

In order to avenge his father's death, Ryu had come to America, where he was suddenly attacked by a mysterious army. After escaping from a narrow brush with death, Ryu came face to face with a mysterious woman. Fire came shooting out of the shining gun in her hand, and suddenly everything in front on Ryu began to grow hazy.

Waking up in an underground dungeon, Ryu was handed a strange statue by the same woman, who told him to take it and make his escape. Without fully understanding what was going on around him, Ryu took the statue and made his way out of the enemy territory.

Ryu then went to see Dr. Smith, an archaeologist friend of his father, and learned about the light and dark statues of an evil demon. Just as they were talking, the dark statue was snatched away by an enemy ninja. "Ryu, go after him!"

After retrieving the statue, he returned to Dr. Smith's cabin only to find the doctor lying on the floor, mortally wounded. Just before he died, the doctor whispered, "Ryu, now the light statue has been taken..." When Ryu looked up from Dr. Smith's side he found that he was surrounded by a band of men dressed in black from head to foot. They were all pointing there guns at him.

These men took Ryu to a secret CIA base and to the office of Chief Foster, Foster explained to Ryu that the mysterious woman, Irene, was really a spy for the CIA, and told him about Jaquio's plans and about his Temple of Darkness. Foster then forced Ryu to take on the perilous mission of recovering the stolen light statue of the evil demon.

Ryu made his way toward the Temple of Darkness located deep in the Amazon jungle. But Jaquio, who was holding Irene hostage in the temple, blackmailed Ryu into giving up the dark statue of the demon that he had been carrying and dumped Ryu down into an underground cave.

Ryu was finally able to escape from the cave, but as he climbed over the last cliff, he came face to face with the villain who had killer his father, Bloody Malth. Malth had been waiting for him. Ryu and Malth duelled to the death. With his last breath, Malth gave Ryu some unexpected news: "Your father is

A masked demon was waiting inside the shrine to fight off Ryu's attack. Ryu shouted, "Nobody can beat me!" But the eerie voice of Jaquio thundered the question, "Not even your own father?" The masked demon was really Ryu's father Ken who had been put under some kind of trance.

Finally freed from Jaquio's evil control, Ken came to his senses only to find that Jaquio was about to kill Ryu. Ken threw himself in front of Ryu, and acted as a shield to protect his son from the balls of fire. Realizing what had happened, Ryu went mad with rage and charged at Jaquio.

After defeating Jaquio, Ryu rushed back to his father's side. His father instructed him to take the light and dark statues of the evil demon out of the temple. But just as Ken was gasping this message to his son, the moon began to grow in the darkness. The moon, blackened by the earth's shadow, was beginning to bring the evil demon back to life.

But the evil demon was finally defeated, adn the temple crumbled upon itself with a deafening roar. Ryu and Irene looked out upon the ruins of the temple. The morning sun shone down upon them and cleared up the deep sense of darkness and evil that had once hovered in the air.

A year has passed, and still the activity down at the bottom of the realm of darkness continues. Ashtar, the evil lord who secretly controls Jaquio, is now on the move.

Taken from the Manual of the Third game:


1. The tale of the Dragon Sword

Long before the civilization of mankind, extremely fierce yet primitive life
forms roamed the earth and battled for supremacy. Thousands of years ago, the
final battle took place. One side, after using all its strength, perished
while the other was sent to and sealed off in a different dimension. The tale
of this battle was preserved in legend after mankind began to populate the
earth and the two forces, known respectively as the gods of the Dragon and
the demons of Darkness, came to be revered by certain clans among the people.

By the summer of AD 1988, even this ancient great tale had almost been
completely forgotten. However, one very evil being appeared and, with the help
of his followers, began to build an Empire of Darkness. That being was Jaquio-
a member of the Demon clan who plotted to bring the demons of Darkness back
to the earth. He secretly schemed to steal and bring together, for the first
time in aeons, the two "Statues of Light and Darkness" said to contain great
magical power. This would open the passageway between the dimensions.

There was, however, one man who would stop at nothing to foil Jaquio's evil
plans - head of the Dragon clan, Ken Hayabusa. After entrusting the Dragon
Sword, an heirloom of the family and clan so old that no one knew when it had
been made, to his son Ryu, Ken left for the fateful battle. Unfortunately,
Ken was defeated by a powerful warrior and the Statue he was protecting fell
into the hands of Jaquio.

After hearing of his father's death, Ryu took the Dragon Sword and went to
America. Aided by a female CIA spy, Irene, Ryu stealthily infiltrated Jaquio's
secret hideout.

The inevitable duel between them ended in victory for Ryu. Jaquio was van-
quished along with his Empire of Darkness. Or so it seemed....

Watching this duel from afar was the real evil, the head of the Demon clan,
the Evil Lord himself, Ashtar. As it turned out, Jaquio was nothing more than
a pawn of this greater power.

Ashtar hid himself in the darkness, assessing his enemy. His eyes shined
and he licked his lips. He had only to wait for his enemy.

A year passed.

While pursuing her investigation into the movements of the mysterious Ash-
tar, Irene suddenly disappeared. A super-secret CIA special force platoon then
became pinned down in front of some old ruins that were believed to house Ash-
tar's headquarters. The situation looked desperate.

At this point, Ashtar, who himself had actually seen the birth of the Dragon
Sword and know of its potentially awesome powers, emerged again from the depths
of his dark realm. Ryu, who knew nothing of all this, was in grave danger as
Ashtar worked his black magic to destroy him.

And now, the saga continues with the final tale of battle for our brave
hero. After Ryu's victorious duel with Jaquio, Ashtar returned to the bowels
of darkness and bided His time. But another evil creature was already on its
way as another adventure awaits the unsuspecting Ryu Hayabusa...

... in this, the final chapter of Ninja Gaiden.


2. Continue modes

You will be give only 5 chances to continue your game. Push the Start button
when you reach the GAME OVER screen!

Please give me feedback/suggestions on the videos for the second game as I'm trying out different things for all the videos while still trying to keep some familiarity to them.

I'll add information from the last game as we reach it as it contains some spoilers for the previous games for the whole two people that haven't played these games before.


Ninja Gaiden 1

Act 1 - Destiny and Act 2 - Escape Backup
Act 3 - The Chase Backup
Act 4 - A Trap Backup
Act 5 - Life or Death Combat Backup
Act 6 - The Fall of the Demon Backup
Act 6 Deaths Backup
Practise - Act 5 - 6, with Sinix and Krakhan Backup
One Continue High Score Run with guest commentary from my roommate Pod Backup

Ninja Gaiden 2

Act 1 - A Montage Gone Wrong Backup
Act 2 - Railroads and Rocks Backup
Act 3 - Attacked in the Dark Backup
Act 4 - The Maze of Darkness Backup
Act 5 - Nothing Goes Right Backup
Act 6 - The Movie featuring Gameplay Backup
Act 7 - Let's Just Call This One In Backup
Act 7 Death Reel Backup
One Credit Run - Proton Jon with Krakhan and slowbeef Backup
One Credit Run - slowbeef with Krakhan and Proton Jon Backup
One Credit Run - Krakhan with slowbeef and Proton Jon Backup

Ninja Gaiden 3

Act 1 - The Secret Base Backup
Act 2 - The Desert Base Backup
Act 3 - The Jungle Base Backup
Act 4 - The Pointy Base Backup
Act 5 - Castle Rock Fortress Backup
Act 6 - The Subspace Void Backup
Act 7 - The Ancient Ship of Doom (Success Reel) Backup
Act 7 - The Death Reel (Another hosted version) Backup
Act 7 - The Death Reel Backup
One Credit Runs - G, Allan, Ivan Backup
One Credit Runs - Ko, Yao, Jon Backup

Ninja Gaiden for Master System

Chapter 1 - Escape in a Forest Backup
Chapter 2 - Pursit in Tokyo (Narration by Accounting Nightmare) Backup
Chapter 3 - Samurai in Tsutenkaku (Narration by Rin) Backup
Chapter 4 - Rescue Geisha (Narration by G) Backup
Chapter 5 - The Land of Enemy (Narration by Nemesis of Moles) Backup
Chapter 6 - Raid (Narration by VPrisoner) Backup
Chapter 7 - Overcome & Chapter 8 - A Decisive Battle (Narration by Psychedelic Eyeball) Backup


Ninja Gaiden Arcade Part 1 Backup
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