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Part 2: Writer's Block - results

Alright. The thread overwhelmingly supported Tommy. I actually thought up the two vote thing as a way to prevent any complete landslides but, uh, well. Like anarcho-capitalism, some things only work in theory. We need to select the Racin’ Rodger to select him as the primary person we’re going to help.

We find ourselves in their house later that night. Luckily they only dim their lights at night so we can still teleport around with ease. Notice something on the table? Even at night there’s something to read. But we have some business first.

Because Linda got the second most votes, we needed to find her bottle of wine at nighttime. This makes her our "compromise" option which leaves Dan high and dry.

Now let’s seen what that glowing journal was all about.

January 15th, 1948. Did the Kaplans find this? Did we reach through time to summon it? Anyway, people are deciding they don’t want to live here anymore. We have the ability to bend the will of others. So are we forcing them or leave or are they so frightened by us that they have to leave? Your guess is as good as mine. These nighttime notes are kind of ambiguous.

Luckily, we have a lot of opportunities to figure them out.

Yup, we got spotted on January 16th, 1948. Sometimes everyone, including weird telepathic energy manifestations, make mistakes.

Before we finalize things, let’s snoop on their dreams. Tommy is dreaming of not being so lonely because he is the saddest little dude. But… at least he gets a sick queen sized bed. I didn’t have one when I was his age. Buck up, kid. Please.

Tommy’s parents also dream of their solution. Unfortunately for Dan, he won’t be getting that breakthrough thanks to us.

Linda dreams up more ideas for her art (or possibly something else) while we whisper sweet nothings into her husband’s ear. We whisper “what you should do is…” in an echoing, ethereal hiss before we can see the results of our actions. Dan is the only one we actually manipulate but it’s often good enough.

Aww, it seems like, with our help, Dan selflessly made time to play with his son. He’s a great dad.*

*while possessed by House Ghosts.

Okay, while this wasn’t exactly what Linda wanted, I think it was pretty similar. As far as compromises so in this game, this is one of the more generous ones.

So he did continue writing at least. It wasn’t good, and he’ll need to fix it, but he did write at least.

So, this is what you’ve done goons. You made a child’s night, helped a married couple bond some, and made Dan spend a sleepless night wondering his future. So, yeah. Do you like what you did? Is this what you expected?