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Part 3: The Inheritance

The Inheritance: Dan got a letter with some su

Each chapter is random so there's a chance that we wouldn't have gotten this chapter right until later. This is actually kind of neat because that can change the narrative and your impressions of characters. It makes the game less linear without requiring too much extra work.

Anyway, even though I showed the results last time, other things have changed around the Kaplan house.

Game night meant that they moved Racin' Roger down stairs. Hey, maybe Dan even played it of his own volition some nights.

In the conservatory, Linda’s painting is taking shape. Specifically, the shape of a blatant metaphor for her marriage.


So here’s where the inheritance factors into The Inheritance. Dan recently inherited a small fortune in pipe money, the sweetest treasure of them all. Unlike last chapter, where we were deciding how Dan would spend his night, this time we’re deciding where this money goes. Fortunately, the Kaplans aren't boring, responsible adult s so we can’t put it in a mutual fund or anything.

You can’t really tell at this angle, but Dan’s idea notebook is now gone. Now, canonically, he never found it because of our decision. Maybe Linda threw it away or it evaporated or we tore it apart to ensure the win-compromise-lose structure would not be broken.

So Dan’s cousin sold expensive smoking pipes, most likely to fedora-wearing dorks everywhere. I agree, Dan, that is kind of admirable.

Anyway, back on topic, Dan has decided that writer's block and his need to provide for his family just aren't stressful enough and wants to metaphorically put a gun to his head.

So this is what Dan meant by pressing the cold barrel of a pistol against his temple. Metaphorically. With very little work done on his book, and Dan actively hating what he has written, he decides he wants to advertise it to motivate himself even more. That seems like a terrible, terrible plan but Dan seems to think it'll work.

And this is the magazine Dan wants to advertise in: a hoity-toity literary register that features a Hideo Kojima look-alike on the cover. Well, more power to you, Danny boy.

I don't know, Dan. Let's jump inside of your mind and find out.

And when I finish my book in December…-Dan
Don't joke like that!-Linda

Well, at least Dan seems to have a sense of humor about the end of his career and financial ruin. Linda has a stick up her butt about the livelihood of her family for some reason, though.

It’s also kind of cute that they do their laundry of many blue towels together.

Thanks to the vote, Dan's frustration only got worse. Not finding his notebook has really upset Dan. He went with Alice eavesdropping, which actually was mentioned in the notebook. He’s just really bummed that he couldn't come up with anything as creative as “she walks by and hears them.”

So, as he mentioned in his diary earlier, Dan’s solution to his writer’s block is to use the inheritance to advertise his unfinished, poorly written book in the hopes that it will motivate him. I’m not sure how much more motivation he actually needs, but hey, it’s just crazy enough to work.


So Linda’s interested in joining the local artist co-op (I’m not even 100% sure what that is) and making friends and going back to painting full time which is a massive leap from just mommin’ it up this summer.

In Linda's little journal nook, we learn that Makeshift actually costs more money than she expected. She will only be in town for a few months so it's up to you to decide if that's really worth it. Either way, the co-op is not Linda’s biggest concern. She’s really worried about Tommy, the world’s loneliest child. Dan didn’t even mention him but, well, the financial future of his family and the death of his cousin were distracting him.

Oh, so Tommy's pathetic loneliness is genetic.

Is there something out there?-Dan
The entire world.-Linda

Geeze, I thought Dan was the one in charge of trying to force artificial poignancy.

But, yeah, it kind of seems like Linda doesn’t want to spend any time at home and with her family. With this bunch, I don't blame her.

Then again, this letter (the direct result of the goon vote) kinda of betrays that. Linda’s just complicated, I guess. Complicated and hung over.

So Linda is dead set on joining that co-op, even if she's not going to be able to actively enjoy it for long. On one hand, that's kind of really fucking irresponsible. On the other, painting is her passion.


I’m thankful Linda signed that note or else Dan might not have known who left this note in their private bathroom.

Remember how Linda mentioned that Tommy made a friend? Well Tommy made a fuck ton of friend fan art to celebrate that fact.

So it looks like they're considering sending Tommy to camp so he can make more than one friend. Of course, camp is expensive and will take a significant chunk out of the inheritance.

I get it Tommy, you are the loneliest child. Let's dive into his mind so we can hurry up and vote on if we're keeping it that way.

What about your rocket?-Dan
I've already played with it.-Tommy

So Tommy is basically becoming a goon and watching tv all day? This must be stopped.

Shockingly, Dan and Tommy's relationship hasn't been repaired after one week of bonding.

So it's up to y'all again: Who is going to get the lion's share of the inheritance?