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Part 6: The Bottle - results

Everyone wanted Dan to get fit and drink less so we're going with the Linda option.

But we didn't want Dan to get too healthy, so we made him keep up his drinking as well. Also, I just realized Ogburn is the brand of whiskey he's been drinking.

Never not reading journals.

So this house was transformed into a rental property as a direct result of our mind-controlling powers. ...We're kinda malevolent, aren't we?

There's a second ghost journal next to a sleeping Linda.

It turns out there was a bride with cold feet staying here at some time. I wonder if a telepathic light manifestation effected her decision at all.

Tommy has nightmares about the one time Dan had a bad hair day.

Meanwhile, his parents dream about solutions to Dan's alcohol problem. Like I said, Linda won and we got a Dan compromise.

So we helped get Dan in shape and while it didn't help his writing much, he's obviously feeling better about himself and Linda.

So Dan limited his drinking and started talking honestly about it with his wife. Not a bad compromise at all.

You can't see it in my screenshots but the camera automatically pans during these segments. It started showing his disused car in the yard and then panned to Tommy playing so I couldn't get both in one shot. You can kinda see the top of the steering wheel on the center of the chair.

Anyway, that's the end of another results session... or is it?

We're now 33% done with the game and we get progress updates each month.

So Tommy and Linda are doing fine under our guidance but Dan's book may never even be published.

It's not too late. We can still give Tommy a shitty childhood and write Dan a bestseller.