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Part 8: The Show - results

Last time Dan won in a landslide because he found the secret soft spot to every goon's heart: very sad dads. So now Dan is going to spend all day Saturday writing (and possibly boozing).

Tommy narrowly one by one vote, but he did win so it looks like he's getting his beach day! Though, honestly, you can see the beach from the living room, why isn't every day beach day?

If you remembered last time, we started finding ghostly journals from a woman who came to the house with her fiance.

She wrote down everything she likes about Roger, including his good looks and his fortune. Hell, if she's as good looking as she says, I'd want to be engaged to him too.

Oh, so she wasn't just showering him with praise, she's making a pro's and con's list. That's a kind of really weird thing to do about your fiance. I think them breaking up would benefit Roger too at this point

Additionally, for some reason she's thinking clearly here, in the house haunted by a telepathic energy manifestation. I wonder why.

Fuck. Looks like Tommy is voting for Linda, meaning we have a tie again.

Anyone else think it's a little weird that they sleep in the same position every night?

So Dan did what he said and made significant progress on his novel. Good for him. He needed a win.

So Tommy just found the conch? But he drew a picture of himself finding it, so that's impossible unless... he has the gift of prophecy. I'll have to look into that.

Once again, to be fair to Linda, they probably shouldn't have asked the visiting artist to do all the marketing herself in a weekend.

So, we made our choices, goons. What do you think?