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Part 9: Full House

Full House: A friend of Dan’s was coming

Welcome back, this time not much has changed between updates besides Linda’s painting and, obviously, new notes. Tommy also took his bucket to his room, but who cares.

I see… two trees? Two people with their backs to the viewer? A progression of the really bad mold-looking thing from last week? I don’t know. This one is kinda abstract. Hopefully intentionally.


Dan got a message from his crazy friend, T. You know, T, the guy who writes “lemme” in handwritten letters, lives in LA, jams on book and is all about surprises. I bet he wears sunglasses inside, too.

Seriously, I love this guy. He’s the Jack to Dan’s Mike Dawson.

So T or “Tynan” was actually responsible for making Dan’s last novel so good. Gosh, is there anything Tynan can’t do? No wonder Dan’s so giddy that his buddy is going to come to town, presumably in a black Lamborghini with sweet flame decals and a in-you-face bumper sticker.

And now Dan’s planning out where he wants to take Tynan when he’s in town. This is hella cute. Out of everything in the game, he is the thing he is most psyched for.

I love the way he phrased this. It’s like the sequel hook in a horror movie about a hungry demon, but in actuality he’s an agent who doesn’t want his client to fail.

What about Tommy-Linda
He can sleep with us!-Dan

Dan insists that Tynan sleep in his child’s bed, right underneath Tommy’s Dan shrine.

So it seems like Linda’s kind of annoyed with Dan for not helping her with her art marketing form-things. To be fair, I don’t think anyone is exactly sure what they were and why she needed him to help.

Dan, wearing the same fabric the couch is made out of, continues to plan his man-date with Tynan. Now, I’m not going to alter the results or anything, but I will be VERY disappointed if you guys don’t vote to let Tynan hang out in the haunted villa. It’s Tynan!


It seems like Linda has told her mom about her marital problems. But, honestly, who doesn’t know? She just leaves notes about it literally everywhere.

“Yeah, Dad, why are you so worried about your daughter’s marriage, weirdo?”-Possible Future Linda

This better not interfere with Tynan’s trip, I swear to god. I heard that Tynan once jumped over a flaming orphanage on his motorbike.

It seems like the hotel isn’t super feasible if it’s 45 minutes away. I mean, it’s doable but not ideal.

I thought Tommy was sleeping with us?-Dan
I’m checking to see if this is a fold out.-Linda

So it looks like Dan is trying to see a way to compromise and have someone sleep on the couch. Presumably, she plans on having her parents sleep on the couch, because we all know Tynan only sleeps in beds and hammocks.

Because her gallery showing didn’t go so great, Linda is rethinking her career and marriage. As you do.

So Linda wants to wear a hideous sweater and be a good daughter while her parents are over this weekend. But who will be staying with them? That’s for ya’ll to decide. (Tynan, right?)


Davey’s triumphant return! I'm not entirely sure who's who but I'm psyched!

I think most kids would draw their favorite movie/tv show and not a picture of themselves watching it, but Tommy is a bit of a weirdo.

Oh calamity, everything is happening this weekend. Just like last weekend.

One day, I hope to marry a woman who I only communicate to through a series of scattered notes.

I don't know, jets have a clear advantage over cars, Tommy. You are going to get outshined.

Can Davey sleep over?-Tommy
Let me call his mom.-Linda

Geeze, Linda, why didn't you expect your husband's rad amigo to need a place to crash and your mom to suddenly visit?

Tommy status: Still riding the Dan train

Okay, time to vote of who gets to stay over this weekend! I'm trusting you'll make the right choice.