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Part 10: Full House - results

The Tynan option, the only real option, won so we need to click some fishing poles.

Linda came in second place. Huh. I supposed to find an ugly sweater but the only one they have is this one. That's a pretty huge development oversight.

So it sounds like this woman had a difficult decision to make and, like all difficult decisions, it's best resolved by a weird phantom.

It turns out that being engaged to someone you don't really like all that much isn't a really successful way to be.

It doesn't seem like the decision ghost has actually interfered with her decisions yet. I'm sure that'll change next chapter, tough.

Ahahaha, nope. You're dreams are going to be crushed, little man.

Dan dreams of hanging out with the impeccable Tynan just like he used to while Linda worries about sleeping arraignments or some shit. Who cares? If it ain't Tynan, I don't want to hear about it.

The Tynan visit was everything we could have hoped for and more. As a House Ghost we can't leave to follow Tynan on his roadtrip, but I wish we could. With Tynan our only choices would be deciding which leather jacket to wear every morning.

Personally, I think a visit with my parents where I don't have to talk to them about their relationship is a huge success.

Tommy is a huge embarrassment to his parents. Huh, for some reason I suddenly sympathize with him a whole lot more.