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Part 11: Catching Up

Catching Up: When Tommy continued to strugg

All right, this is the end of the month so there’s a lot riding on who gets wins now. There’s only three more chapters after this one. The time to be decisive is now.

Linda’s painting has evolved into… this. I don't know what it is but I like it. Does anyone have any ideas what it's supposed to actually be?

Did you think I was kidding about Tynan wearing sun glasses and a leather jacket?! No! He’s just so fucking cool that Dan just had to put a picture of them on the wall in his office.


Wait, Tommy is struggling in school and had some extra reading assignments for him? Why did we wait until the end of month two to learn about this?! I mean, at least Dan is being proactive about it now.

I got this chapter much earlier my first time playing it.

Dan dreams of his perfect life: Tommy and Linda don’t exist and he sleeps 12 hours a day.

Yeah, time just keeps on slipping-slipping-slipping into the future, doesn't it Dan? Though I’m not sure why he needs so much time to write. I mean, I get that it’d interfere with his writing process, but just 6 hours a day would take huge chunks out, wouldn't it?

Okay, okay, it was just a suggestion.

I know, I shouldn’t have snapped. It’s just…-Dan

Dan, being a responsible adult, continues to take his frustrations out on those around him.

Hey, if anyone could improve your book and also conquer the world, it’s Tynan. Also, I hope that Dan’s novel features a literal logjam.

Dan considers secluding himself from the rest of the family which, judging by how he snapped at Linda, might be a good thing for everyone. Speaking of Linda...


It's weird how it feels like the family is going in different directions. Like one is always winning and the one is always losing and one is always somewhere in the middle. It's crazy.

Linda wants to figure out a way to get the family together so she’s trying to figure out everything they could do together. This chapter features a lot of the adults being strangely proactive about their family life. Usually they’d need ghostly assistance to care about each other this much.

So it looks like they decided on family dinners. Honestly, Linda’s whole plan sounds pretty good to me. It is a bit odd that she’s not thinking about Tommy’s learning difficulties at all but I guess she’s got dinner on the brain.

We barely talked at all yesterday-Linda
Wow, you’re right–Dan

So it looks like she’s right about the relationship kind of deteriorating. Her dinner idea might be that silly.

Once again, not talking to my parents about their relationship sounds like a perfect visit to me.

It seems like Dan and Linda want completely different things this time around.


Here’s that note Dan mentioned. It looks like Tommy can’t read so good well. I don’t know why we’re getting to this now though. You probably shouldn't start tutoring your kid half way through summer.

I feel like alliteration might be lost on someone who can't identify letters, Lonnie.

Tommy don’t need no education! Fuck Lonnie!

Apparently Tommy is being bullied at school. Maybe it’s because he’s falling behind in school, maybe it’s because he’s Tommy.

Jesus, you are very neurotic for a ~5 year old, Tommy. You shouldn’t develop crippling this kind of self-doubt until you’re at least a teen.

Will it make me smarter?-Tommy
Honey, listen: You are smart.-Linda

Linda is mommin’ Tommy hardcore, yo.

Because Tommy hasn't been getting his way in recent votes, his relationship with Dan has deteriorated to where it was when the game started. This sounds negative, but remember Tynan caused this, so it must serve some greater purpose.

Don’t let the man tell you what to do, Tommy. Let the all-seeing spectral being tell you what to do.
So, Omnipresent Ghost Crew, what should we do? Vote for seclusion, inclusion, or education.