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Part 12: Catching Up - results

Tommy won which means that he gets to learn letters. What an elitist.

And Linda's got a compromise. I'll admit it makes me smile to select something so uncharacteristically large, even though there's not real reason it should.

This time both of the Time Journals are in one place so I decided to just use one picture. The closest one goes chronologically first, if you're curious.

I hope you weren't expecting a resolution to the story of the fiance. That's ending on a cliffhanger so we can instead learn about a lonely, old widower named K---- Williams*.

*Spoiler Alert: It's actually comedian Katt Williams.

So K---- has become a hermit, living in the Ghost Shack. This story is a bit odd because unlike the indecisive bride and the curious investigator, there's not clear way for us to intervene here.

Don't worry, Tommy, you won the vote. Chillax, child.

Look at these people, ending their sentences with prepositions. No wonder their son is illiterate.

Okay, this reads like an ad for one of those outlet mall learning centers.

I like how the way this is framed shows the growing distance between Dan and his family. I think that's neato and hope it was intentional.

Even with the picture of Tynan looking over him, Dan is still struggling to finish his novel. That's okay, there's still time.

Or is there?! Yup, we're now 2/3rds done with the game and our actions are taking hold.

I'm genuinely surprised his book is going so well. Is there anything Tynan can't do?

At least one person in the family can put together a successful art gallery.

God damn. I looks like we've been neglecting Linda and her marriage is crumbling. Before accusations are made, this isn't rigged and it's completely possible to give everyone a happy outcome.

That's right. We only have three more chapters left so if we want to make a change, we're going to have to act soon.