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Part 13: Vacation

Vacation: It was summer, and summer was

This intro is the vaguest in the entire game but it reads like a beautiful poem.

Because we opted to make this child literate, Lonnie Learns Letters is now the official coffee table book of the Villa Del Fantasma.

Linda’s completed paintings: I Know Why the Caged Mom Bird Sings and Vague Unease in Green.

Linda is painting some nice, fluffy clouds. I wonder what depressing image this is going to end up as.

Actually, I already know. Because I’ve played it a few times. Because I’m doing a Let’s Play of it.


Dan got drunk and went crazy with sticky notes. As the snoopy spectral spirit we are, we're going to have to read them all. Normally, each character has 3-4 notes per chapter but this time Dan has 8.

It looks like Dan got some nice fan mail. Hey, if his marriage doesn’t improve, maybe he can hook up with this chick.

Positive affirmation is important. Take it one step at a time!

Yeah, don’t have negative thoughts, Dan. Enjoy this!

Uh, okay. I mean, you should probably fear death too, but okay. Not sure what this has to do with writing a book, to be honest.

Dan, if your ideas aren’t “dangerous”, that’s a-okay. You’re writing a novel not a treatise on late capitalism. Just focus on completing it.

I know this is a silly question to ask a novelist, but do you even want to write a book, Dan?

Dan. Dan. Reread your earlier notes, okay? Is there anybody you can talk to?

After begging to be secluded in his office all day, Dan’s changed his mind and wants to spend some time out and about. Also, it sounds like Dan is at a make-or-break moment in his career. As you know by reading the first 6 chapters.

Just like the little steam engine, Dan’s positive self-affirmation will help him achieve his goal of writing a dumb book.

How was work?-Linda
Oh, you know, could always be better.-Dan

This is a very unremarkable conversation about Dan's moderate success but at least my weird camera angle gave Linda goblin-face. That’s kind of amusing, right?

Look at those giant-ass cuffs in his jeans. Way to be, Dan.

Dan’s really upset that he couldn’t get a chance to sit down and focus on his book...

... And his remedy to that problem is going to the beach. Dan, you’re a paradox, wrapped in an enigma, inside of a very dadly dad.


The long newspaper article is actually for Tommy so I’m going to reuse this screenshot later. This is high efficiency LP, people.

So, much like Dan’s Memory Conversation earlier, this is kind of pointless. This chapter has a weird amount of poorly-masked filler.

Also, quiche lorraine is a breakfast food, Linda. :Colbert:

I hope Anne is into long, rambling letters about hiking, because I sure am!

So, Linda’s feeling like she’s in a cage surrounded by beautiful nature. I wonder if she’s ever channeled those feelings into any of her art, hrrmmm.

Linda yearns for a simpler time, before windows and ugly sweaters and house ghosts.

I’m going to go for a hike!-Linda
Okay, be safe!-Dan

Huh, it seems like Linda is genuinely outdoorsy after all and her camping idea isn't just a random whimsy.

Fun fact: 85% of Linda's day is spent staring out a window.

Whenever someone is “losing” so to speak, their notes get really, really sad. So, because of our previous decisions, Linda’s relenting her loveless marriage. Way to go, goons. Are we going to invest time into fixing this or focus on maintaining the other character's paths?

As expected, Linda just wants to go hiking. This could actually meld pretty well with Dan’s option, in my opinion. But Dan probably doesn't want to "rough it" at all.


See! I said I'd reuse this picture! Reduce, reuse, recycle in your LPs, people!

So this is like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory! Except instead of a golden ticket, it’s a plastic rocket. And instead of a chocolate factory, it’s a theme park. And instead of a limited group, over a hundred people will get to go. Okay, this is not really like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory at all.

Sorry to break it to you, child, but you will not be able to fly a real rocket.

Only a child’s mind could create a scenario as fanciful and whimsical as an entire family having fun at a kid's theme park.

Tommy is learning words pretty rapidly. Were... were they not even trying to teach him at all before last week?

Careful, Hun.-Linda


We were borderline last time so now Dan’s back in Tommy’s good graces because he decided to teach him how to read. Presumably he only did it so he could have a free proof-reader.

Woo! We made it to the end of the update! Dan's post it fetish made this episode super long. So, vote and stuff.