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Part 14: Vacation - results

Dan won so now we're going to go with his choice: having a beach bonfire. SPRINGBREAK!

Linda came in second so she's getting the pleasure of compromising her plan to go camping with the family.

This time the ghost book decided to chill with Lonnie. The ghost book is pretty old, maybe he's hoping Lonnie can teach him the hottest new letters or something

The Novelist has opted to stay away from really heavy subject matter until now. Now we have an elderly man contemplating suicide because he doesn't think he has anything to live for. What's more disturbing is that the idea was somehow transplanted into his head, the exact thing the player character can do. Our omnipresent light manifestation is a lot less whimsical now.

Jesus christ, looks like we've found another dilemma for our spectral character to solve. Let's see what happened next time and find out if the player character of this game murdered an old man.

Tommy, we just saw some pretty heavy shit and I don't care about how tall you are right now. You're not even going.

And these two are thinking about your trips. Don't they even care that there's an elderly man in distress sixty some years in the past?

Tommy, you look pretty sad for someone who explicitly wanted to go to the beach a few chapters ago.

"Let's do this some other time" sounds more like a rejection than a compromise to me.

Charlie didn't get to go to his chocolate factory and is really bummed about it.

So, are you happy with how things turned out? The opportunities to sway the ending are diminishing so now is the time to stick your guns.