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Part 15: The Funeral

The Funeral: That night, Linda got a phone call

After reading the suicide note of an old man, the game decides to add some levity by making this chapter all about death. Before we find out who died, let’s see how things have changed between chapters.

The logs that have been by the door for the entire game are now gone after Dan’s bonfire. The wood-holder-thing actually looks kinda scorched in the middle, too. Did… did Dan try to just set them on fire right here?

Also, Tommy moved his little bucket to the backdoor. But I just want to show you that they left through this door last time, which means they walked right off a steep cliff. Maybe this chapter is about all of their funerals.

Dan’s workspace has significantly improved. He has a pile of papers that aren’t in the trashcan now so it looks like he’s getting closer to finishing his book. And all thanks to that magic little bottle of Ogburn whiskey.

It’s no longer considered a Linda note, thank god, but they do have an updated dinner list. I gotta say, this looks hella yummy. Anyway, this note is pretty irrelevant so let’s see how Linda’s newest painting is turning out.

Is this… a hand underwater reaching for the surface? That’s honestly all I can see here. Jeez, Linda, I get that you feel suffocated and hopeless but take it down a notch.


Racin’ Roger is still here from simpler, better times.

Paul’s making it pretty clear that this is a huge opportunity for Dan. If he goes, it will help with sales and might get a nice advance on his next book. If he doesn’t he’s going to have a Pissed Off Paul to deal with and no one wants that.

For some reason Dan’s trying really hard to change the date of the bookreading as soon as possible. Although, if it’s so important, he probably shouldn't need a note to remind him what to talk about.

Dan still has his Literary Registry from May.

He’s supposed to stroke you, you say?

Anyway, this is why Dan was desperate to change his schedule: His book reading is the same day as Linda’s grandma’s funeral. He can go to Grandma Jo’s funeral with Linda and support her while sacrificing his career or he can impress people while abandoning Linda.

Basically, we’re getting to decide career vs family here, which is the basic premise of the entire game

Dan’s struggling with this dilemma himself. Just like you are in your heart, thread.

I’m so sorry, tell me what I can do.-Dan
Just be there for me.-Linda

Dan’s going to be in deep shit with Linda if he doesn’t go to Jo’s funeral.

Meanwhile, with all this going on, Past Dan’s thinking about someone he had a crush on in 7th grade. Welp.

So that’s our option, help Dan perfect and promote his book or have him support his wife in her time of need. I can’t wait to see how the thread goes on this one.


Man, I can’t write anything snarky about a beloved grandma dying! This is so unfair!

Linda wrote a letter to her late grandmother telling her how much she loves her. Last chapter we just had to read her weekly dinner schedule and her reflections on hiking.

This chapter is a real downer. There’s voice acting on most notes and on this one you can hear her cry as she tries to power through it.

Linda, I couldn’t even figure out what to say to half of your notes this chapter. You shouldn’t be asking me

And by "asking me" I mean thinking things in my domain.

Linda cries.

This chapter is, like, really sad and the game wants to make sure that you don't forget it.

Linda seems to have taken Dan’s rejection pretty well. I mean, even though it was a “compromise”, it’s the exact thing I imagine he’d say if he didn’t want to do it. But Linda can pick up on his intentions, I guess. Maybe she’s a telepathic light manifestation too.

So if Dan wants to go to the funeral, he’ll have to buy a ticket and fly out instead of going to the bookreading. Decisions! But there's another path no one seems to be thinking about : Tommy's.


And here’s the third option. Instead of going to the funeral or booksigning, they take Tommy to the Not Blue Angels. I guess the idea is to preserve his innocence by distracting him from Linda's funeral and Dan's corporate shilling.

Tommy is very safety minded and even wears a helmet in his drawings.

Tommy greatly respects the Not Blue Angels and, as such, draws them with five fingers instead of his four.

Well you stopped playing with that rocket and the car the moment we got them for you so too bad, child!

Is she in heaven?-Tommy
I’m sure she is.-Linda

PLOT TWIST: Dan’s book is Heaven is For Real by Tommy Burpo.

Somehow, Tommy still loves Dan even though he didn't take him to a shitty rocket-themed amusement park.

Technically, one plane is usually a ton of plane. They're heavy.

This update was pretty sad and it gives us a difficult decision. So... what are we going to do, goons? There is only one more voting session after this.