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Part 18: The Road Ahead - results

Dan won, meaning he's going to accept the job at Hardvesty. May Tynan look over our decision.

What's this?! That's right, there's no compromises this time. But Dan did get the majority of votes so we are going to take his path.

Tommy can't wait to show off how many words he know. Which he can do at his new school.

By the way, there were no Ghost Journals this final time around.

You're right Linda, your art could have helped many people. Oh well.

(the camera swoops over his shoulder)

It looks like it was a tough decision for Dan but it was rewarding in the end.

Unfortunately, there wasn't a real upside for Tommy.

Linda refuses to give up on her art, even if it does make her resent Dan.

So we get to see the results of the rest of our actions, starting with Dan's novel.

No. Way. I'm genuinely surprised Dan was able to churn out the great American novel with ghost goons behind the wheel. Was everyone else as lucky?

Like all children who like to draw when they're 5, Tommy transitioned into a lucrative art career. Like Linda never would.

It looks like the relationship between Dan and Linda isn't over after all. Even though it's not as passionate as it could be, they're happy.