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Part 8: - Week 1, Take 2

Week 1, Take 2

The people have spoken once again.


Texas:      II
California: IIIII
Florida:    III <- one added tiebreaker vote from me



(Outreach 2, HQ 1)


Fighting ISIS:          III
Securing The Borders:   I
Social Security:        II
Don't Care Just Attack: III
I guess that's an issue now?
I decided to tiebreak in favor of Florida over Texas because I consider Florida more important to build up early. So, with those votes in mind, I came up with this plan.

Fly to Florida... a Campaign HQ.

Fly to California... an Outreach Center.

Finally, fly back to Florida with our last stamina point to get an extra awareness boost. I kind of made a mistake here - apparently (I don't fully understand the system yet) ending your turn with stamina still remaining is called "resting". When you have "rested" "enough" (whatever that is), your maximum amount of stamina points goes up by one, which - if done early - can be a net gain in stamina points available over the entire campaign. Oh well. If we end up with a single point of stamina left from now on, we'll rest and see if we can't get an extra point. That's week 1 in the books, let's move on to the beginning of week 2.

Oooh, political opportunity! Don't mind if I do!

Jackpot! This guy, in my opinion, is one of the best political opportunities you can get. If we max out our awareness in California, this guy is a cool 100K per fundraiser more.

For now, he lingers in our "available operatives" area - he is of no use to us now, and since he sticks to the state you put him in, you can't move him around if necessary. That, and I don't want Michelle getting a Fixer early and knocking our gift out before we get to use it.

Speaking of Michelle, like last time, she's heavy on the HQs this turn, building Campaign HQs in both Michigan and Florida.

As seems to be usual at this point, the polls show us losing more than before.


I don't think I need to explain anything about the voting week-by-week. Just give me a state, an action, and an issue. As a sidenote, unused issue votes (like in this week, where we did nothing relating to issues) are carried over as an advisory. So I'll keep in mind that people mostly wanted attack ads, Fighting ISIS and Social Security last time.

As for tips from my end, I think there's merit to Michelle's strategy of spreading out HQs in important states. We still have a fair share of those to get around to, obviously.