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Part 11: - Week 3

Week 3

We've made it to week 3 for the first time now! Only 23 more to go! Also, just to note, Michelle went to Florida from Pennsylvania at the end of her turn. Apparently I saved before she did this last time. Not that it's that big a difference.


California: IIIIIIII
Missouri:   I



(Consulting: 1)


Securing The Borders:   IIIIII
Don't Care Just Attack: II
Well then.

First off, since the main thing you wanted was to build in California, that's what we're going to do.

And then we fly to Missouri - note our Political Operative in California giving us a +1% to awareness every week now.

But now, we have a problem, in that the next thing for me to do should be to build a new HQ in Missouri, but there's a bit of a problem - we're pretty much broke. Right now, we have 115K in the bank, which is quite a bit short of the 250K we need to build a new HQ. We can basically do one of three things:

1) Fly around a bit at 25K a pop.
2) Make one or two ground game ads at 50K a pop.
3) Make speeches.

To note, we're only making 20K a week from campaign HQs - we splurged big on that California HQ, and while it will bring us a lot of money down the line, right now, we're broke because of it. In the case of what we're going to do in Missouri, there's really only one thing:

A speech. Now, you wanted Securing The Borders, but there's one problem - as you can see, it's not available because it's not a top five issue. So instead, I'll go for Fighting ISIS, which is also an issue you wanted, and as you wished, I'm going to attack Obama over opposing it.

Now, that gives us a great swing in Missouri, but that's pretty much entirely only because that was the first bit of attention anybody has given to Missouri. Early speeches always give a good boost, but in the long term, you're not going to win a state with just one speech.

In this week's "What Is This I Don't Even Polls" update, we lose a slight bit in the popular vote, surge in the electoral vote, and pretty much nothing changed with the issues. Yup. Time to move on to the next turn.

Michelle's still really spreading out her HQs. This time, she builds Outreach Centers in Oklahoma and Washington. We're still making more PR Clout points than her because instead of many little ones (that only give 4 points total per week), we have one big one (which gives 7 points per week plus 1 from another one we have).

And it's because of those PR Clout points that we could get our first endorsements! I went over them in the first week 1 update, but to recap, endorsements give us nation-wide issue score boosts on two issues. Endorsements that align with your party are cheaper than the ones that don't. The question here is: Do we pick one now or save points to steal a Democrat one? Now, I believe that sniping an opponent's endorsement will mean that they'll probably snipe one of yours as well. However, the AI will always go for theirs first before going for the opponent's, if possible, and that means that if we pick one of hers, we get full choice, but she'll only get the scraps at the end, which might mean that it's worth it. I don't know - you decide! To remind you, here are the possible Republican endorsements:

- Christian Confederation: 5 points to Opposing Abortion Rights, 10 to Supporting Religious Freedom
- National Foreign Policy Committee: 10 to Supporting Fighting ISIS, 5 to Opposing Iranian Nuclear Deal
- The National Gun Owner's Association: 5 to Opposing Big Government, 10 to Supporting Gun Rights
- Tea Party Movement: 5 to Opposing Big Government, 10 to Supporting Tax Cuts
- US Chamber Of Business: 5 to Opposing Big Government, 10 to Supporting Reducing Unemployment

And the Democrat ones are:

- National Civil Liberties Union: 5 points to Supporting #BlackLivesMatter, 10 to Supporting Gay Marriage
- National Association For Women: 10 to Supporting Abortion Rights, 5 to Supporting Gay Marriage
- National Organization For The Support Of Colored People: 5 to Supporting #BlackLivesMatter, 10 to Opposing Repealing Obamacare
- National Union Action Network: 5 to Opposing Outsourcing Jobs, 10 to Supporting State Unions
- The Environmentalist Club: 10 to Supporting The Environment, 5 to Supporting Supporting Green Jobs


So, this time around, you should vote on four things: State, Action, Issue, and Should We Get A Republican Endorsement Or Save For A Democrat One? And just as a reminder, we're about broke. No building until we get more money, and ads would be a somewhat dangerous prospect. Do we try and spread the love with some speeches in swing states? Do we go for broke and try like hell to raise awareness in California? Time to find out.