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The Political Machine 2016

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Part 15: - Week 7

Week 7

Alright, week 7, let's see what we're doing this time.


California: IIIIIII
Texas:      I
Utah:       I
Virginia:   I
Ohio:       I


Speech:    IIIIIII
Fundraise: II
Ad:        II


*insert important California issue here*: IIIIIII
Fighting ISIS:                            II
Abortion Rights:                          I
Religious Freedom:                        I

Grapplejack posted:

Oh my god you guys are the worst

Let's do this shit! You want California, you're getting California!

Another speech!

And another speech! We are continuing to shift California to our side, and at this point, who wins California is all going to be down to Michelle's awareness. And there's something we can do about that down the line. Anyway, that's a quick week 7, on to week 8!

Political opportunity! Michelle is actually going to a different state, so we're going to get this one.

Before we get there, Michelle grabs another endorsement. We're probably not going to be contending for another Democratic one, but we got the good one.

In Iowa, we get ourselves another operative to join our ranks. Lowering the opponent's ratings by 5% isn't major, but it's a nice bonus to stick into a swing state. For now, he stays in Iowa.

Here's the weird polls for this week. We crash massively, because of course. Actually, I just noticed that we can get an endorsement, so let's get one and see how that impacts the polls.

At this point, it doesn't really matter which one we pick, since we're probably going to get all of them anyway.

And here we go, an ~100 EV shift just from a single endorsement. Nate Silver would be proud.

And here's another look at California. Note that our awareness is now sitting at 98%, and moving to California from Iowa will move it to 100%. We're finally, truly, ready to fundraise!

Now, I save the game here and this is where we're going to continue on from, but Michelle gave a speech in Arizona (and apart from getting the endorsement, that was the only thing she did this turn), and I don't know what it was about, so I'm going to jump to week 9 real quick so I can read the news wrap-up to see what it was about.

Curbing Russian Might? That's an odd issue to pick. ...hang on.

That's not a top five issue in Arizona, and she doesn't have a Campaign HQ in that state! The AI is cheating! Well, at least it doesn't seem to be cheating effectively.


Like usual, State (probably California), Action (probably fundraising), Issue (probably doesn't matter).