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The Political Machine 2016

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Part 20: - Week 13

Week 13

Alright, we've reached the halfway point. We're getting there! I don't know where "there" is, but we're getting there!


Cali/NV: II
Cali:    I


Funds/Awareness: II
Win Cali:        I


N/A:      II
Win Cali: I
Basically no voting this time around, but it still makes for a simple plan.

First we fundraise twice in California...

...then we go to Nevada...

...and build a Campaign HQ there for more awareness. The stamina works out perfectly!

So that's it for this turn (we have a Campaign HQ in Nevada now, honest, you just can't see it behind Cruz's massive bobbling noggin), let's see what the next one brings.

Michelle goes to Florida and gives a speech on Wall Street Regulation, goes to West Virginia and picks up a political opportunity (which I genuinely just did not see), which turns out to be a Jaded Consultant, slightly hurting her ratings in West Virginia (i.E. it's fucking nothing), then she goes to California and does nothing there.

She also picks up the Christian Confederation endorsement. This is a weird campaign.

Finally, here are the dumb polls again. We're not doing well. We should pull a Romney and just get pollsters who only give us good polls.


As usual. State, Action, Issue. I'm still game to see how you're going to pull this off.