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Part 22: - Week 15

Week 15

Time for another week on the campaign trail. What's today's agenda?


Ohio: I


Ad: I


Securing The Borders: I
...well, that's delightfully simple! Congratulations, Friend Commuter, you just had the most powerful vote ever had!

Ohayou, Ohio! I'm here to drop off some ads!

First of all, there's the TV ad that was decided upon. Now, we have 6 stamina left, enough for two more ads. As tempting as it may be to drop three TV ads on Ohio, that's probably not a good use of our resources.

Instead, I put down some ground game ads on pertinent issues. And that's it for that week. On to the next one!

This turn, Michelle goes to Iowa and does nothing, goes to Florida and upgrades her HQ to level three, and then goes to Maryland and does nothing.

I also decide to move Herman Cain up a bit to get some awareness boosts in South Carolina, where Michelle is beating us because of her HQ's awareness boosting. This should help solidify the South a bit.

Here's a look at California. It's tied, and Michelle's awareness is only going up. It's a lost cause, probably.

Finally, here's the polls. We're officially falling below McCain levels. How much lower can we fall?


Same as usual. State, Action, Issue. Remember, your vote has more power than ever!