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Part 24: - Week 16

Week 16

Alright, week 16, only ten more to go. I'm really looking forward to that. Is it because I really want to see the result of this, or because I just can't wait to be done with this? I'm not telling~!


North Carolina: III
Florida:        II
California:     I


Ad:        IIIII
Win State: I


A Strong Military: III
Social Security:   II
Win Cali:          I
Ad time once again.

First, we go to North Carolina. Then we put down a TV ad attacking Obama over opposing Fighting ISIS (I was going to go with A Strong Military, but it's not available in NC). The ad happened, I just forgot to screenshot it.

Next, we head to Florida, and... well, remember how I told you that the patch wouldn't apply to our saved game? I lied. Apparently, when I looked earlier, I didn't look good enough. I have no idea whether this means we're losing harder than before or not. It probably does.

This means that Zika Funding is now the #1 issue in Florida, and I have to say, while you guys picked Social Security as the issue to push in Florida, I have the suspicion that if you knew this was available, then you'd have gone for this. Fearmongering over illnesses is prime Republican material. So now we're going to be pushing that across the TV.

Now, well, there's a bit of a problem. We're losing money now. It's only 15K a week, basically pittance, but this does mean that we have to be more careful with our ads from now on.

Finally, I head to North Carolina for the small awareness boost. That's it for this turn.

On her next turn, Michelle goes to Virginia, then California, puts down a ground game ad over supporting The Environment there, goes back to Virginia, puts down a ground game ad over supporting Supporting Gay Marriage there, then goes to Florida.

We have enough PR Clout to get our first National Organization "endorsement"!

A flat 2% boost is nothing to scoff at!

Here's another look at the polls. They're balls. Let's get to voting.


   //             \
  /|               |\
  ||               ||
  ||               ||
  || <%%%     %%%> ||
  /|  (=)  |  (=)  |\
 / |       |       | \
|  |      / \      |  |
 \ |     /_ _\     | /
  \|       V       |/
   \      ___      /
   |      \ /      |
   |       V       |
    \             /
     \           /
      \         /
       \       /

...I got nothing. My "save California" plan definitely can't be put into action anymore at this point. If I were an actual campaign manager, this would be where I'd bail. The new issues being introduced just fucks with things even more. Here's the problem I think we're not going to get out of:

We need awareness => for that we use ads => for those we need money => for that we fundraise => if we're fundraising, we're not gaining awareness => we need awareness

We're not breaking that cycle, and now that we've lost California for sure (it might have happened a few weeks ago, but basically from week 12 to week 16 we lost California), things are looking very bleak. We need something that doesn't cost a lot of money and gives us awareness to compete in swing states. That simply does not exist. So yeah, I don't know. WELP.


State, Action, Issue.


I thought there were going to be more changes with the issues getting pushed in, but it seems that only Zika Funding has any real impact in our in-progress game.