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The Portopia Serial Murder Case

by Variant_Eris, symbolic

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Original Thread: Solving Mysteries and Hitting Suspects - The Portopia Serial Murder Case



"Objection!" "All the mysteries have been solved!"

What is The Portopia Serial Murder Case?
Well… it’s a 1985 Detective Visual Novel Game akin to Phoenix Wright, Umineko, Dangan Ronpa, Zero Escape, etc. Written by Yuji Horii (the creator of Dragon Quest) and released by Square Enix, The Portopia Serial Murder Case takes us to the investigation of a nameless detective and his assistant, Yasu, as they uncover the mysteries lurking underneath the case.

From a gameplay standpoint, it’s more or less the same as Phoenix Wright/Dangan Ronpa, except in a different format. You examine things, interrogate possible culprits, and make deductions based on evidence-at-hand.

Maze and pixel hunt not optional, of course.

How are you going to do this?
Screenshot LP. Like last time, symbolic will be joining me (In his OUTDOOR voice, of course) as we go rambo on possible suspects, force our assistant to fetch coffee, and point the finger at the true culprit.

And possibly rescue a damsel in distress, probably.

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