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by SelenicMartian

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Original Thread: The Prisoner: Zero Escape, 1980 Edition



You want information? You won't get it.

OK, maybe a little.

Released in MCMLXXX for the Apple II, The Prisoner (insipred by the MCMLXVII TV series) is a game like no other. It's designed to confuse, disorient and deceive. It's a game which tracks and saves your every move, just so that it can wipe your XXXX XXXX the moment you make a critical mistake.

As an off-line experience, the Prisoner is unrivalled in its meta level. For all his famous "Fission Mailed" and the HIDEO channel, Hideo Kojima has never made a game that can rage quit on the player.

I'll start off with a few videos exploring our prison and figuring out how everything works. Then you'll tell me how to escape. I'm going into this with live commentary and semi-blind, having messed with some of the game's areas previously.

ACT I, Orientation:

Recording #1. Buildings #1-6.

Recording #II. Buildings #7-14.

Recording #C. Buildings #15-20+.


Recording #Four. Unplug the system.

Recording #. Oops.

Recording #2*3. Mary had a little ****.

Recording #+1. The rover.

Recording #Trial. Freedom.

Recording. The Plug.
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