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The Punisher

by Ice7

Part 1: Intro

The Intro /Backup

It's a dark, stinking bar. It reeks of gun tension, I can almost smell the bloodbath in the near future. I check my gun.

"Last bullet..."
Why am I here again? Between constant adrenaline rushes and recovery pauses, it's easy to forget why am I doing what I'm so good at. Killing. My whole family died in the mob hit. I should've died too - I took enough bullets! ...but I lived. I finally figured out why.

Some petty rooks. Pathetic. I wouldn't even bother if I wasn't so sure that they'd rape the next grandma on the street they see. Oh well, if they want to see me, could as well greet them...

...and let my 2 iron friends greet them, too.

It's really dark in this dank bar, I hope he'll appreciate that I shed some light here. Light from the muzzle fire.

One still lives. Cowering on the floor, I get the sudden urge to smake him square in his ugly face.

I reconsider.

I'm finished here, time to leave...wait...

...forget one. Now I'm finished.

The ones who killed my family - the saints and all the other scum - they've given me a reason to live. I'm back, and now it's their turn to die!
Time to get moving, there's still more to do. This guy's taken care of, others are harder to reach. I have to stay on the move.

Busted. This moment is almost poetically comical, but they're only doing their job. I'm the bad guy. I'm always the bad guy

"Frank Castle, raise your hands above your head and do not resist arrest or we will open fire! I repeat, do not resist or we will open fire!"
The hands go up lazily and slowly. No need to fight them, they're innocent. I do not betray my principles. Who knows, maybe I'll meet some old friends behind closed bars. This could be the end of my career. But as I know fate, it'll be just the beginning.

Welcome to The Punisher! For those who, like me, don't know who Frank Castle is: a vigilante anti-hero from ye olden comic days. He witnessed a mafia gig and was targeted by the mob. His whole family got wiped out and he was heavily wounded, so the mobsters figured he'd die, but he didn't. And so, filled with hate, he proclaimed a vendetta on criminality. He doesn't discern between a petty thief, a brutal crackhead or a bigwig mafia boss - all are equal in his eyes, that is, they all must die.

With that in mind, I can't believe how much fun this game is to play! Let's get accustomed to it.

The main screen. Lower right: our profile name(NEAM HIMM BONARS!1). Upper left: the menu. Let's explore those categories a bit further, shall we?

The Warzone

Here's where we select on which mission we go. Clicking on any item in the list...

...brings up this screen. Here we can start the mission, change the weapons which we will start with(once they're unlocked), view our statistics and, once we've completed this level, go into Challenge or Punish mode. Basically, there's a challenge for every level. For this one, it's to interrogate people using 6 different interrogation methods in 1minute 30seconds. Stuff like that. Punish mode is like Dead Man Walking in Max Payne: hoards of enemies and you have to survive as long as you can.

The Armory

Here we can view which weapons we can get and which of those are locked/unlocked. We can also set default weapons in this screen. The Punisher can always carry 1 rifle(aka big gun)...

...and 2 pistolleros(aka small guns). We can also actually dual-wield some rifles, but whenever we reload we drop the second one, so it's a short pleasure.

The Upgrades

By skillfully killing our enemies, we earn points which we can spend here. Now what exactly is skillfully? When we play, there's a points counter in the upper right corner. We get points for killing people, but that is not exactly skillful. What racks the point counter higher is when we consecutively kill hoards of thugs and not get hit. Double and triple kills also get us some multipliers. So while it's infinitely awesomer to screw not getting hit and just slaughter everyone, if you want to get lots of points you better take cover and cower like a coward in the corner from the bullets!

The War Journal

This is where we keep record of how we progress through our crime fighting.

First, we'll look at the criminal chart. As we uncover one nest of filthy and progress to the next, we'll keep record of who's connected to who, how, and then we'll cross them of when he have "punished" them for their deeds.

And here are we'll find news clippings. As you may already know, Frank Castle is not the most subtle fellow when it comes to punishing crime, so we'll regularly cause some news in the media. And when they do, then it's on bitch, because it's ego stroking time when we'll look at the articles and reassure ourselves just awesome we are. We'll also pose naked in the mirror, do the "Hey, lookin' good!" hand gesture and probably jerk off to ourselves, because that's just how narcissistic we are!

The Extras

Not much to tell here. We occasionally get some of those stuff unlocked and I'll keep sure to keep you updated on it..wait, what's wireless?

Oh right, a cell game

Get out of here, stalker!
Soooo, amigos de la noche, shall we head to the crackhouse and get all or shall we FIGHT FOR JUSTICE and clear it out? First to 3 votes wins!