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Part 11: Level 5 - Bobby's funeral

Eddie was our next target, but we got briefly sidetracked by the kidnapping of Joan by Bushwhacker(I wonder how he got this name :stalker: ), but now we can continue our vendetta on the Gnucci family. Our next target: Eddie Gnucci. He'll be attending Bobby's funeral, so we do what we do best: we crash some funerals!

Level 5: Bobby's funeral/Backup

Now after this, technically we got a choice to go ahead and continue to unroot Gnucci's business in the criminal world or we could go to Ma's estate and kill that wretched bitch off once and for good.

Now let me make this clear: if you actually suggest that we skip killing Ma Gnucci, someone with a skull on his shirt will visit you one night. I guarantee it. Habeeb it!