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The Punisher

by Ice7

Part 2: Intro to Level 1

Let me tell you of a story. A story about the dirtiest filth of the city and about a cleaner. The story my last 3 weeks. Business as usual. Truly not a bed-time story.

As all good stories, it begins in....

...a maximum security prison.

And here I sat, hands cuffed, awaiting my evaluation by the organs of justice.

Both cynical. I think I'll like them.

Can't lie - had the time of my life!

I shrug. Quite a pointless question. I know the answer, they know the answer - serving justice. Me and the police are both great cooks and justice is our specialty - it's just the way the dish is cooked that differents us.

Quite high, but I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's get back to the beginning...



Enough introduction - next update's business!