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by Ice7

Part 4: Intermission: unlocked goodies

Thanks man, will apply the patch then. But to be quite honest, the game in itself is pretty brutal anyway, even without the BW screen during punishment mode/interrogation kills. Interrogation kills are a strange thing anyway, they are the only things besides bullets which kill your combo meter

Also, mini update guys!

We'll stroke our own ego a bit and check out the daily newspaper...hmm...well, what do you know, some freak killed dozens of homeless! What a jerk

Checking our criminal chart, we remember those number plates from the car that tried to overrun us. Seems that it went into the car park of this charming fellow! I guess we'll visit him next in his...

...Chop Shop! Wait, what are chop shops?

Ah ok, thanks for the explanation AAA++++ will be clueless again!

We've also unlocked some concept art

Ok, what shall I tackle next: the chop shop or do the crackhouse challenge which grants us a new weapon?