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Part 8: Bonus: Punisher deals with liars

GUI posted:

If you return to the area with the truck driver after talking to the woman then you'll find he knows more than he's letting on, you also get a chance to kill him after that.

WHAT?! That filthy liar!

Punisher: What are you doing here?
Filthy liar: No, please...I'm just here to pick up a shipment.
Punisher: And you don't know what's in the crates?
Filthy liar: I...I knew something was goin' on, but I don't ask questions. There's some stuff in the back. Take it and let me go!

Dumb blonde: Please don't kill me!
Punisher: Why are you working in a chop shop?
Dumb blonde: I don't know what they do here. It's just a job.
Punisher: They kill people, steal their cars, and sell the parts. How could you not know?
Dumb blonde: I really didn't know. Talk to the bus driver, he seemed to know what was going on.

Punisher: Find another job. I'm shutting this place down.

Filthy liar: Mike, it's me, man. You are not gonna believe what just happened! I'm down at Duka's, makin' a pickup, and in walks the Punisher! Doesn't say a word, just opens up and Duka's guys don't stand a chance! Then he sees me and I just about wet myself. I tell him I'm just a driver and don't know anything. You know what this means? I'm sittin' on enough shit to set us up for life! You gotta get down here and help me load this stuff up!

I don't take lightly to liars