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Part 11: The Mysterious Voyage of Guybrush

Dec 06, 2007

Now where the in the hell are we going to get a file from. Think Guybrush, think!

I have an idea! Those yellow flowers had a drug-like effect on those poodles. I'm much bigger, they will surely only have a mild psychedelic effect on me. Just enough for me to gain the inspiration I need. I saw it in a movie once, so it must be safe!

Okay, we'll need some of this delicious meat/meat-by-product.

And the flowers.

Ah, an old abandoned campsite, the perfect setting for a trip.

And now to concoct my magic meat.

A little gopher repellant will spice this up!

Well, here goes nothing!


Oh holy shit.

My spleen!

Oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god!


Wait, I remember this.

Prison Cake! Of course! It's all so simple now!


Oh holy shit, what the fuck happened?

What did those creepy circus freaks do to me with the chicken!?!

God, what did I do? I have this odd craving for cake, and I know this guy will give it to me if I get rid of the rats for some reason.

Here, gopher repellant, that'll work, cake cake cake cake cake.

Hey, this might work on the rats! Thanks! Here's the cake.

It is delicious cake, I must eat it.

Oh holy shit, the file, Now I remember what I was doing.

Time to gets my grubby mits on that fabulous idol.

Joke update. lol.