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Secret of Monkey Island

by Clavius

Part 15: CockBlocking From Beyond the Grave

Dec 20, 2007

We've completed our trials, It's sexin' time. And my pants are armed with my best of Marvin Gaye CD, 12 cans of whipped cream, a slightly... damaged copy of the karma sutra, and a flacid rubber chicken. We are ready.

Ooh what's that doohickey?

Oh no...

You've gotta be shitting me...

What? By Whom!?

LeChuck's got her on the ship that's just sailed off.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot... They left this note. You can have it, but I don't think you'll like what it says.

Your Governor is alive and well and by my side as she was always meant to be. If you try to find us you will meet with horrifying disaster. Yours truly, Captain LeChuck.

Alright you cocksucking son of a bitch, it's ass kicking time. You've stolen your last plunder bunny!

Right, what is it we need to do?

Alright plot-withholding-voodoo-bitch, lay some future on me.

So you have returned to learn future. You must first find others to help you in your cause.

I'm getting another vision. You must...

Must what?

You must go to Monkey Island. Once there you will search for the ghost pirate LeChuck. He hides deep... deep beneath Monkey Island. There is only one thing powerful enough to destroy LeChuck.


It's an ancient root. Once prepared, the root can destroy a ghost with one touch.


I'm getting more... more vision.

Spill it!

I see the Cannibals that live on the Island. They...

I can't tell, the vision isn't coming in clear anymore.


Now go and find the one that loves you!

Oh Goddamit, not again. You're worthless!

See you left me hanging again, I should break your shit.

Oh bollocks to it, we've got crap to do.

We have to hurry! We must find them before he has his unholy way with her! Who knows what his ghostly junk is capable of!