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Secret of Monkey Island

by Clavius

Part 17: Stan's Previously Owned Shipwrecks

Dec 28, 2007

Okay, let's get the fuck out of here before he starts doing that tattoo thing again.



Holy shit!

I just stopped by to congratulate you on your successful kidnapping mission.

Are you alright sir?

Shocking plot twist!

Ah yes, the prisoner. We had a little trouble...


Nothing to worry about, sir... everything's under control. She escaped a few times... but we've got her locked up in the brig. No-one's getting in or out of there.

For your sake, I hope not.

You took care of Mr Threepwood, then?

Guybrush Threepwood will not be a problem. At this very moment he's twenty feet under water... Probably bloated up like a fattened pig.

Oooh, if I could actually see this dramatic and important plot related scene right now I would be so mad.

Fish peckin' at 'is fingers.
Kinda makes you wish you were there to watch.

Ah...yessir... --yech-- ...sure does at that.

Now go check on the root. Make sure it's locked up tight.

Aye aye captain.

Alright, we still need crew members, but my copy of "Stan's Financial Times" says that ship prices have hit an all-time low, and could increase by 635% any second now. We better run as fast as we can to the shipyard and beg to purchase a ship!


...And I'd stand on my head to make you a deal! What sort of craft are you looking for? Big? Little? Fast? Slow?
You want it, I got it. And if I don't got it, i'll get it.
I want to make a deal that YOU'RE happy with. Because if YOU'RE not happy. I'M not happy. But I KNOW you're going to leave here happy today.
How do I know?

The pattern... The pattern isn't moving...

I've got something for everyone! Come take a look around!

That pattern is... strangely hypnotising. I... suddenly have to urge to buy the most expensive ship he has...

Let me see the best ship you've got.

Hey it's nice to meet a man who appreciates quality. I've got JUST the boat for you! Walk this way.

We're talking fifteen state-rooms, a fireplace in every one. We're talking two pools, one indoor, one outdoor. We're talking rotating ballroom! We're talking heated crow's nest. We're talking two hundred feet of ocean going decadence. And all for one low price!
Speaking of price... How much would you like to spend?

All I have is this rubber chicken.

Is it one of those rubber chickens with the pulley in the middle? I already got one of those.
You wouldn't happen to have any OTHER means of finance would you?

Actually, I was hoping to get one on credit.

If you've got a job, the storekeeper in town might extend you some credit. Then we'd have something to talk about.

Hmm, guess we're going to have to pass on that second pool.

Well heck, I can understand that. Nothing wrong with being indecisive.

So what else can I show you?

I've... got... to... get... out of here!

Actually, I'd like to go think about it some more.

Sure, sure, think it over. I don't want you to feel pressured or anything.

Come back!


And here's something else to remember me by.

A compass?

An extra strong magnetic compass!

I'll be right here when you come back. But I can't guarantee that any of these ships will!


Wow, what a helpful and insightful salesman. He was so nice, now we have to buy ourselves a ship. Let's head on over to the store and beg for some credit!

Next time, we attempt to pull a job on the store a second time!