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Secret of Monkey Island

by Clavius

Part 18: Guybrushes New Years Eve Saga

Jan 02, 2008

The evening started out like any other, I needed to go on a daring rescue mission to save the hot governor from the evil ghost pirate.

I left for the village to beg for some store credit to buy myself a ship.

And as I passed my local watering hole, I realised... It was new years eve, and I was all alone.

Suddenly a wave of longing for the companionship and familiarity of my neighborhood bar washed over me...

And then everything got all zoomy and nostalgic and video-like for some reason.

And so in I strolled, to bring in the new year with my bestest friends.

...But "OH NO", I cried. Something horrible had happened.

I asked George Wendt what happened.

And he wouldn't shut up about the governor.

She was so good to me. You must get a ship and go after her.

Why should I do that?

Why, Love my boy, it's written all over your face, don't deny it.

"Great, I'm stuck talking to this asshole all night.", I mumbled.

Get me a drink!

And so the celebrations began.

I wanted to cheer up George, so I set about feeding him as much alcohol as humanly possible.

And much fun and debauchery was had by all.

Then I felt a little whimsical, so I gathered up some booze...

And the festivities spilled out onto the streets!

Well yes, we knew about that.

Can I interest you in a dream vacation to Monkey Island! Because of this sudden change in local government...

Monkey Island!

All you have to do is help me crew the ship, and island paradise can be yours!

So I said "Fuck you guys, I'm gonna find someone who really knows how to party!"

But OH NO! The Mug! MY BOOZE!

But I fixed it with some strategic pouring.

"HEY BUDDY!", I yelled quietly.

I then proceeded to announce that he was my bestest, bestest ever friend.

Remaining fully composed, I somehow managed to trip, some bastard had planted a large object specifically for me to trip over.

In my own fully lucid and well spoken way, I apologised profusely and offered to clean up my mess. I then demanded a cuddle.

Wow. And to think I used to drink that stuff...

If there's anything I can do for you...

Well, actually, there is something...

"We're going on a grog run!", I announced excitedly.

"Oh boy, oh boy, this is gonna be sweet!" I cried with glee.

I looked, and I looked real hard, but there was no three headed monkey to be seen, what was going on?

It was just a cruel joke all along.

Then I discovered the horror that was my lack of booze, and headed on back to the Scumm Bar.

And all was right with the world again!




And then I, think, I left.

Right, I'm off.

Good luck.

Yeah, I left.

Then I... I what?!


I went straight home and right to sleep, yep, indeed, yessir that's exactly what happened.