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Secret of Monkey Island

by Clavius

Part 2: The Three Trials

Nov 18, 2007

These pirates get their own private table, they must be super important.

I want to be a fireman.

Get lost, boy, you bother us.

Okay, let's try this again.

So What?
Why bother us?
Hey, don't forget we're short on help because of this whole LeChuck thing.
So, no pirates means no swag and no swag means no grog, and we're getting dangerously low on grog...

All right, but you don't become a pirate just by ASKING.
You'll have to go through...

Er... What trials are those?

You must prove yourself in each of these three areas.

And then ye must drink grog with us!!

Now we know what we must do, but before I go near that green lethal looking stuff, I must know...

What's in that grog stuff, anyway?

Grog is a secret mixture that contains one or more of the following:
Propylene Glycerol
Artificial Sweeteners
Sulphuric Acid
Red Dye No. 2
Axle Grease
Battery Acid
and/or Pepperoni.

I'll just be running along now.

Now that we know what we're doing, it's time to get to the world class snooping around for stuff.


What a lovely fireplace, i've no intentions of going into that kitchen, no siree.

And in we go.

Delicious delicious meat, a pirates best friend.

Since we're stealing things, better take whatever will fit in my pants.

A little sushi would go well with this meat-like substance, add a little class.

I think that bird will peck my hand off

Motherfucker, that's my fish, get the hell away from there.

Now let's get the hell out of here before the chef finds out I contaminated his immaculate kitchen.

And now: Plot

Ah. There's nothin' like the hot winds of hell blowin' in your face.

No sir... Nothing like it... Ah... Sir... I...

Oh yes sir, glad to be dead...

Ya are glad to be dead, RIGHT?

Oh yes sir. I feel so lucky that you happened to capture my ship, then murdered me and everyone on board...
...yes sir... Lucky.

Glad to hear it. Now what was it you disturbed me for?

Ah, yes sir... well we might have a problem on Melée Island™.

PROBLEM?!? What possible problem could there be?! I've got these sissy pirates so scared of the sea they're afraid to take a bath!

Well... There seems to be a new pirate in town.
Actually, he's a pirate wannabe.
Probably nothing to worry 'bout. Don't know why I bothered you with it. I'll have it taken care of myself.

Wait. I'll handle this personally. My plans are too important to be messed up by amateurs.

This is going to be fun.

And so it begins... Next update, we go looking for sweet sweet cash.