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Secret of Monkey Island

by Clavius

Part 20: Last Stop

Jan 12, 2008

It was a dark and stormy night.

The wind howled an unearthly scream and the thunder shook the ground around me.

"The perfect time for a stroll in this here mysterious wood", I thought.

"Haunted. Pah. What do they know?" I chuckled to myself.

"Jesus fuck! What in the christ was that?!" I calmly considered to myself.

I then did the only thing that any sane, rational person should do when being stalked in haunted woods.

Aww hell no!

The only solution was to, of course, run blindly further into the woods.

ShakyCam™ engaged.

And then I ran into the fleeing victims mortal enemy: The exposed tree root!

Would I be able to avoid it in time?!

"You win this round, roots!", I cursed.

And that's when I realised... This was it. The stump that had been haunting my dreams ever since I found it.

"You brought me here! Didn't you!" I shouted. "Why won't you leave me alone!?"

I began to dig at it. I had to know.

I dug for hours... Something was compelling me to do it, drawing me in.

And then I discovered the horrible truth...

...And that's how I got here. Sup.

Fine. Some people just don't appreciate a good story.

The Governor's been KIDNAPPED!

What? That's ridiculous.

This looks bad. Very bad.

I'm getting a ship and a crew together to go rescue her.

Hmmmm... I have a feeling I'm going to regret this, but count me in. I'll meet you at the dock.

Alright, we got our third crew member.

One last trip to Stan's, you know, work out the details.

Hmmm, guess he's not here...

Wow, I feel sorry for whoever that is. Eh, he probably deserved it.

Alright, I think we got everything we need. A ship, and three crew members, and as we all know it takes exactly four people to crew a ship. No more, no less. Time to head off.