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Secret of Monkey Island

by Clavius

Part 23: Guybrush Fills His Pants

Jan 20, 2008

Motherfuckers. I need somewhere to think, to plan the next move.

A Jolly Roger?

Better take that down, someone might see it and assume we want to fight. That could be painful!

Besides, we won't be ready for hot ship-on-ship action for several years or so.

Ahh it's got my crotch!

Hmmm... Better do what I should've done before handing over my hard-stolen gains: Check out this floating shit festival.

That reminds me, I materialised like a week ago and all i've eaten is a breathmint...

Holy shit, Cap'n Crunch!


Oooh another pot. I learned my lesson though, this isn't going on my head this time, nope, no way, no how, no sir.

There's gotta be some booze on this bathtub somewhere.


It was all worth it.

Hey guys! Booze, rope and a rubber chicken! Who's in?

Nobody? Fine. Where's Knux when you need him?

Remember folks, first rule of adventuring: If it's not nailed, screwed, or at all fixed to anything, stick it in your pants.

"The directions we purchased on Melée™ turned out to be a recipe, not a map as we had believed."

"Captains log, March 12th"
"I wish Toothrot would take a bath."

"Captains log, March 17th"
"I wish Toothrot would stop snoring."

"Captains log, March 23rd"
"Toothrot is really starting to get on my nerves. I figure it's only a matter of time until we come to blows."

"Captains log, April 2nd"
"As a gesture of friendship, Toothrot offered to fix dinner tonight."

"Captains log, April 3rd"
"I don't know how we've done it, but we've arrived at Monkey Island™. Both Toothrot and I passed out from the soup that he made last night, when we awoke Monkey Island™ was sitting off the bow."

"Captains log, April 4th"
"Toothrot and I filled the rowboat with supplies and are ready to set out to Monkey Island. We are both excited at the prospect of being the first civilised people to learn The Secret of Monkey Island™"

"Captains log, April 5th"
"We had to turn around and return to the ship. Toothrot forgot to go to the bathroom before we left. We'll set out again tomorrow."

Alright, enough talk. Time to get my drink on.

Next time, we get our drink on!