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Secret of Monkey Island

by Clavius

Part 24: Guybrush & Friends

Jan 22, 2008

...And now. The happy smiley totally-not-savage-monkey children's network is proud to present:

Another episode of...


Carla! As the lovable bloodthirsty swordfighter!

Otis! As the thief with a heart of gold!

Meathook! As the funny man with a talking tattoo, a sketchy past, and dubious reasons for being on a childrens show!

And of course! Out lovably clueless hero: Guybrush!

Say hello to the boys and girls Guyrbrush!

And it's a new day on the Sea Monkey, so you know what that means!

That's right! First it's time to make your bed!

Well done! Now we can get started on breakfast!

Did you find something special inside your cereal?

Wow, you got a fabulous prize!

Quickly! Open it so we can find out what's inside!

Oooh a key, how mysterious, I wonder what it could be for!

You know what that means boys and girls, it's time for one of Guybrushes wacky adventures!

It was for the cabinet... Isn't that... exciting boys and girls!

But oooh, a chest! I wonder what could be inside!

Cinnamon sticks! You know what that means...

It's time for Guybrush to do what he loves best: cook a delicious meal for all his friends!

Say hello to your friends Guybrush!

Now let's get to work on that surprise dinner! Your friends will be so thrilled!

Let's start with these delicious cinnamon sticks!

Add just a splash of fine wine...

Maybe some of that cereal.

And chicken! Who doesn't love chicken?

Say goodbye to your old friend the chicken Guybrush.

Okay, and now leave it to simmer for an hour or two.

Okay boys and girls, what do you think Guybrush should do while the delicious broth is cooking?

Oh god-dammit not again. He said he got clean...

I mean... Uh... Look at Guybrush trip and fall, isn't he silly... BILL GET IN HERE!

Why yes, she is pretty, isn't she...


...Well what the hell are we supposed to do then?...

...Well yes, but...

...I know, I know, he told me...

...You're blaming ME for this?!

...I told you six months ago to fire him...

Well fine. Fuck you then. Narrate your own fucking show.