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Secret of Monkey Island

by Clavius

Part 27: The Thrilling Conclusion

Feb 22, 2008

Now then, where were we... Hmm, maybe this here...

Holy shit video intro to the return will refresh our memories!

Now that we're back, we'll have to (be an asshole and delay the resolution of the cliffhanger even further) check our memo-in-tray before we get back to work... Now here's our empty tray:

First we got this one:

Which left us with a "memo".

So let's add that to our in-tray.

Next we got this one:

Which gave us "memos".

So we'll add that too:

Then there was this one...

Which left us with our next one:

And that's the last one we picked up. So, it is time...

Hooray! We live to suck another day!

Now then, back to business!

Oh hey, another note.

"Please remove this dangerous object. Lemonhead knocked a rock onto it from the cliff above and nearly injured someone who was putting up a swing on the banana tree on the south beach.
-- The Cannibals"

And another piece of the Monkey Island soap opera falls into place.

Better add this to our in-tray.

Okay, let's continue exploring.

A message in a bottle? How cheesily authentic!

"To Herman Toothrot"
"From Yammer, Hem and Haw attorneys at law"
"Re Suit against cannibal tribe over malicious tossing of your oars into chasm."
"I think we have a case here. We can probably soak them for emotional distress and possibly punitive damages as well."
Hmm, sounds like legalese, I don't think I can translate the rest.

Well, into the in-tray with you.

And on we plod.

Worshipping is permitted, but please DO NOT ENTER the monkey head.
-- G.P LeChuck

I don't know about you, but i'm getting a good vibe from this place.

Oh I see what you did there!

Nasty case of yellow waxy buildup though.

I really want this guy to stop following me around. He smells like a diseased yak urinated all over him.

and then he sat on an island and didn't shower for twenty years.

This is what I miss most about civilisation.

Finally, he left. Right, now about this here Monkey Head!

Next time, we attempt to enter a giant monkey!