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Secret of Monkey Island

by Clavius

Part 29: The Other Side

Feb 23, 2008

And so we took to the water!

Exploring the outer perimiter of the island.

Traversing perilous rocky waters without incident or any near-death or crying whatsoever.

My expert navigational skills guiding me consistently towards my precise destination.

Until finally, after several days...

And not a single break from the hard work and general manly braveness...

I finally found somewhere I could get this crappy little boat to land on without breaking it.

And my labours were verily rewarded with more memos!

"I'm not giving you bloodsuckers your key to the Monkey Head until you return my banana picker."

Damn, this thing is getting full.

Hmm, this ominous looking village seems to be the only thing over here...

Well, let's stroll on in uninvited, what could possibly go wrong?

Nobody here apparently, my pirate instincts are telling me to thieve! Also that I have to go pee, there a bathroom around here?

God dammit, I really gotta go! Despite never eating or drinking throughout the duration of my entire adventure...

What kind of crappy village is this anyway?

I'm sensing a pattern here...

All this adventuring is giving me a hankering for delicious delicious bananas.

I came all this way for two fucking bananas. Didn't I.

Why does this keep happening!?

You've got a lot of nerve stealing from the notorious Monkey Island cannibals!

You're cannibals?!

Well, yes. Although lately we've been trying to stay away from red meat. Only for health reasons, we're still as vicious as ever. Especially with tourists who try to steal our stuff for souveniers.

Oh sweet Otis, you will not have died in vain!

Look behind you! A three-headed monkey!


Look behind you! A three-headed monkey!

I guess we'll eat you now. Unless... If you had some sort of offering for us? Something that we could pass onto the great monkey...

Here! Take your lousy bananas, I didn't want them anyway.

Obviously you have nothing for us. We might eat you, we might let you go. We'll have to talk about it with the village nutritionist. Come. Let me show you to our guest-hut.

Oooh, guest-hut! Sounds luxurious!

This wasn't in the brochure...

Well. I'm boned.