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Secret of Monkey Island

by Clavius

Part 32: The Second Biggest Banana Picker

Mar 01, 2008

Time to get up close and personal with this giant fucking Monkey Head.


No response eh?

Maybe this one will be a little more helpful.

Holy shit! It's Sam & Max!

Better try and impress them!

Damn, they would kick ass to have on an adventure!

This is much too heavy to pick up... Let alone carry around this godforsaken island for god knows what reason.

Oh how cute!

This little guy will surely help me.

Nothing? Well FUCK YOU TOO THEN!

Okay now I feel bad.

Come on little dude, you've been hijacked.

Now then, this Monkey Head.

Fuck, guess we're gonna need that key.

And you know what that means...

We're going to have to brave those fearsome vegetarian cannibals again to get that banana picker.

Ever the master of stealth, I will stroll into their village in full sight.

Damn you door! How the hell am I going to get in there.


I better go think this through.

God dammit not again.

There's only one solution: reverse psychology!

Oh, go ahead and eat me. See if I care.

Hey, whatever you say!

Oh god dammit it's even stronger now.

Day 1

Okay, let's try this again.

Yeah, I should probably think this through before I just wander in...

Maybe I can sneak out unseen this time...


You're quite the escape artist aren't you.

Oh go ahead and eat me, see if I care.

Ahhhh oh god!

Well, maybe I can figure something out from in here...

Son of a bitch!

Oh bollocks to it.

Okay one more time.

This time with feeling.

I've lost the will to live.

Yes yes, get on with it.


I am going to get this fucking banana picker.

If it kills me.

Hey wait a minute...

They said they wanted something earlier...

Don't eat me! I'll give you anything!

Anything? Hmmm... We'll give you one last chance to trade something for your freedom.

They seem to go for this whole new agey crap...

This is impressive.

Take a look at this.

We should take this to the Great Monkey. We are very grateful to you for this fine gift. If there's ever anything you need on Monkey Island, just come see us.

Uh, right.

Whatever, it's Monkey Head time!

Ah, there he is!


Who is he talking to...

This is uncomfortable...


Okay whatever, we've got business to take care of.

Hey thanks! I thought I'd never see this again! Here, you can take this key to the Monkey Head back to the natives.

Alright, you heard the man, let's go enter that Monkey Head!