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Secret of Monkey Island

by Clavius

Part 34: Getting Ahead in Cheap Puns

Mar 05, 2008

Now how in the hell are we going to persuade these ungrateful sons of bitches that they don't need that navigators head...

Hmmm... Compass, that might convince them...

I think he likes it...


I need to go think this through.

I need somewhere to think...

This isn't working. Fuck. Where do my most profound epiphanies always happen?

That's it! The toilet!

Now where can I take a dump around here...


Now i'll just need a little dump-taking literature...

That's boring, what else do I have in here?

A..head in... navigating...

That's it! A navigational head!

I'll have to crap on Hermans stuff later...

Hey guys check out this head in navigation leaflet! It totally makes perfect sense!

It looks like instructions on how to get a head. We could give him our head, and use these instructions to get ourselves a new one!
Yes, I suppose we can give you this now.

Oh how cute! Can I keep him?

Just follow his nose and he'll lead you to LeChucks hideout in the catacombs. Then get the root from LeChuck and come back here and we'll mix up a batch of our special enzymatic ghost-dissolving solution. Then you can pour it on LeChuck like salt on a slug!


Good luck.

Hey there little dude!

I wonder what happens if I use him out here...

Well whatever, we have the head now.

Now let's go navigate those hellbowels!