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Secret of Monkey Island

by Clavius

Part 37: Mission Inflatable (Part 2)

Mar 09, 2008

Taste the cold sting of my feather of justice!

I'm sorry it had to come to that.

We'll get to that booze later, after the root-acquiring and ghost-killing and space-adventuring and so forth...

Ah, this must be what that key's for.

The root must be down here, I mean, LeChuck himself was guarding the key!

No mere rat can stand in the way of Ace Threepwood!

You win this round, rat.

Heh heheh, dude, watch this.

Holy shit, he's drinking it! Come check this out!

Heh, he's totally wasted dude, this rat is... wait... oh.

Okay whatever, where's this root then?

That's it? Some fucking cooking grease. LeChuck was guarding the key to his precious precious cooking grease?

I'm running out of fucking rooms to check here. Where is that damn root?

Oh balls!

Well shit.

Filthy ghost grease to the rescue!

The root must be in here, there's nowhere else to look.


Holy shit the hot governor!

Move you lazy son of a bitch!

I have a master scheme!

Ah well, ghost tools eh. I wonder if they glow...

Yup. Ghosts and objects in close proximity to ghosts always glow.

Where is that fucking root?!


You almost had me there. Well, let's crack it open.

Gently does it...


Now there's just one thing left to do: Get the fuck out of here without dying.

But Ace Threepwood doesn't fear death!

Only porcelain... And small spiders...Well, bugs of any kinds. But not death!

Mission successful.

Now all that's left is to get that potion and finally kill that motherfucker once and for all! (again) (for this game)

Join us tomorrow, for the thrilling final conclusion! I'll be posting the final updates one hour apart, starting 11pm GMT.