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Secret of Monkey Island

by Clavius

Part 38: Guybrush Licks Butt

Mar 10, 2008

We've got the root!

To the natives!

Quick! Take it, it's making me feel weird!

I got the root!


Good Luck.


Alright! This is it you son of a bitch! You've stolen your last girlfriend! It's time to get... uh... magic root potioned!

Oh fucking what now?

You scared me half to death!

What happened to the ship?

They all left for the wedding.

Why are YOU still here?

My head fell into the lava there, and I had to chase after it...

Wait a minute! Wedding?! Oh god!

I love weddings!

I always dreamed of my perfect.... wait, what?!

WHAT? But how will they... ...
Where is the wedding?

There's a lovely church on Melée Island. They're headed there.

Melée Island? Oh no!

So this entire fucking journey was pointless. Nice.

I give up, I'm tired of chasing them everywhere.

What? You can't give up now! What kind of hero are you anyway?

Ace Threepwood never gives up!

What are you doing here?

Oh, I missed the boat to the wedding.

Hey! No problem! We can take mine! Let's go!

How did you get in here without a head?

I have a head.

If you have a ship, why are you waiting to be rescued?

Oh, it's ON!

Hey, where'd all my precious precious inventory go?

Damn you Toothrot! You'll pay for this!

I'll have my revenge damn you! Oh you'll see. It might take oh, say, a year maybe! But just you wait!

But right now we have more pressing matters.

I'm selling this fine mouthwash.

Sweet! This stuff is awesome!

Let's toy with him a while before vaporising him. Gotta keep myself entertained somehow...

I must have left it in my other pants. Bye now.

Not so fast, buddy! You don't look very ghostlike to me. You're very pink...

Don't make fun of my condition...

I suffer from a rare pigmentation efficiency syndrome.

You don't SOUND much like a ghost either. Could you wail and moan, or rattle some chains or something?

Well, Okay. But where's that dank, musty, beyond-the-grave ghostly smell?

That's about the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me...

Oh that! Just let me get my boots off...

No never mind. If you're really a ghost, prove it. Let's see you pop your head off.

I call this move the crouching Guybrush!

Is Ace Threepwood!

There's the church!

This is it. The final showdown.

And we'll be right back after these messages!

Join us again in exactly one hour!