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Secret of Monkey Island

by Clavius

Part 39: Monkey Island: Demo Edition

Mar 10, 2008

Well here we are, ready to face LeChuck once and for all!

But oh shit things are getting swirly again. I feel sick.

Welcome to Let's Play the Secret of Monkey Island: Demo Edition.

Well, I guess we'll stroll on over here and... Oh shit.

...And I want to be a flooring inspector! No... wait...

Nobody gets by me until they say the magic words.

Pretty please?

Not those magic words you pedantic putrefied pinhead, the MAGIC words! --sigh--

Wow, he's pissed the fuck off. Must be hot in that suit...

I'm back and--

You again! Listen carefully, I'm not letting you past until you say the magic words.

Pretty please with sugar on top?

You're obviously more dense than I gave you credit for, so i'll make this easy for you. Seek out the fortune teller and the prisoner, they will tell you the magic words.

Alright fine, but whatever's over there better be good.

Oooh, Scumm bar! Sounds fancy!

Hey, Mancomb! Long time no see!

Free mints!

This is so much more awesome than the real Scumm bar.


I love stuff!

Tiny harmless creatures: The bane of my existence.

Take THAT you filthy diseasebag!

Now then.

Excuse me but do you have a cousin named Sven?

No, but do you know anything about a magic phrase?

Listen m'boy, I have to make a living here. I can't just GIVE away information like that. Unless... you had some means of compensation...

Well then, never mind. Good night.

I need that phrase dammit!

Excuse me but do you have-- Oh it's you again.

But I did have a barber named Dominique!

Close enough.

I've got all the documents that are in demand. What exactly are you looking for?

Something with lots of colorful pictures.

I think i've got just the thing for you.

The leading magazine of video and computer entertainment. It's got everything you'd want to know about the latest games and the machines you play them on. And all for one low price!

How low?

Well I wouldn't want anyone to be without it.


Let's try these guys, they have to help me, it's the pirate code...

But not until they get rid of this filthy rat.

How can you stand to be near this vermin?


Sounds like this guy don't like rats.

Let's sauté him now.

I think you'd best leave boy.

I apologise for what I said about rats...

They're very intelligent creatures.

That's amazing!

Not if you know rats. Would've made a pretty penny on the ship too...

I'll just be running along now.

What else we got around here?

Hot damn! Rubber chickens!

Ahh, the fortune teller, finally some answers.

Rubber chicken! Score!

And we can't have brutal, stunningly rendered death scenes in this game, too bad.

Give it to me.

I'm in no mood for your crap voodoo bitch.

I smell that you have brought a fish. Give it to me.

Okay, but just a piece.

Wow, how did you know my name?

I am a fortune teller. Now let me tell you your birthday.



Oh, ah, I, uh, mean. Your birthday is in May.


Of course not, your birthday is in October.


Right I see now, your birthday is in April.


I knew that. Your birthday is in June.


What I meant was... Your birthday is in July


Hmmm... This is trickier than I thought. Your birthday is in February.


Let me try again. Your birthday is in November.


This is getting embarassing. Your birthday is in December.


Will you excuse my ignorance. Your birthday is in March.


This is the part of my job that i've always hated. Your birthday is in September...


I really must be rusty at this. Your birthday is in January.


I'm sure I know which month you were born in! August.


I'm sure I know which month you were born in! August.

Holy shit how did she do that?!

Yes, that's amazing!

You were born on August 16th.


You were born before the 27th.

Yes, I was.

You were born on August 26th.

No. That's not my birthday.

You were born on August 25th.

That's amazing!

Pick a question, any question.

Well, since she proved her abilities to me, how could I say no? First things first I want off this death hole.

How do I get off this island?

You must pass The Three Trials of Melée Island.

Does that entail WORK?? NO, THANKS!

Please... tell me more about my future.

I see... A game...

Wait! What about the magic phrase?

My grandmother told me these words upon her deathbed, and I never forgot them... She said "Dear maybe you should get a new faculty advisor". She was a little batty but she sure knew her magic phrases. Anything else?

I think i'd just like to browse.

Take your time. Remember, the more time you spend here... The longer the demo will last.

Alright, we got the... uh.. magic *cough* phrase.

Now let's go taunt that prisoner!

Dear lord what is that smell? For the love of god take the breathmint!

Ooooh, grog-o-mint. How refreshing. Thanks.

Don't mention it.

Do you know anything about a magic phrase?

Now leave me alone.

Fine. Fuck you and your stupid LOOM reference.

Alright dickbag, I got your stupid phrase.

I told you you can't pass until you say the magic phrase.

Ah, but a new faculty Shadow is nigh.

I don't know how you did it, but you did it, Creepfood.


Whatever. Alright you may now pass into the great unknown beyond...

Oh shit my head hurts. And what's this blood? Never mind, we've got a wedding to stop!

Join us in one hour, for the actual conclusion!