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Secret of Monkey Island

by Clavius

Part 40: The Final Countdown

Mar 10, 2008

This is is. The final showdown.

Yes. I am ready.

No i'm not no i'm not no i'm not!

Wait, what?


This looks like a job for Ace Threepwood: Monkey Wrangler!


Wait! Don't leave me here with him! He smells funny...


I can see into the future!

My root beer!

Oh god is it over?

Stan! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

He was so good to me!

You can try to kill me.

You can steal my girlfriend.

You can lead me on a pointless expedition around Monkey Island which by the way, there was no fucking secret for.

But killing Stan! You monster!

I'll kill you you son of a bitch!

Hey cool, it's like a funhouse mirror!

Only with death...

We did it! He's dead!

But for how long...

Ending credits (Watch them)

You heard the game.