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Secret of Monkey Island

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Part 9: Breaking and Entering

09 - Breaking and Entering

Alright, time to go skulking around for unlocked homes to thieve from.

Ah, the governors mansion, if anyone has old looking shiny crap that we can pawn for crack money, it's the governor.

But OH NO, deadly deadly piranha poodles!

Well fuck, how are we gonna bypass those murderous fluffy little balls of love.

Guess we better ask someone who knows about these things. To the prison!

Oh my lord what is that stench?

I'm a victim of society.

So that's what that unholy stench was.

Hey it's hard to keep my breath minty fresh when there's nothing to eat in here but rats!

I could really use a breath mint.

You're telling me!
Here, take one... please. Take a whole roll!

So that's his secret to smooth talking the ladies.

Okay, let's see if we can stand to talk to this disgusting motherfucker now.

Grog-o-mint! How refreshing! Thanks.

Can I get you anything?

Actually, something to get rid of these rats would be nice. I'll trade you this carrot cake my aunt tillie made me.
I hate carrot cake.

Sherrif Shinetop sure is a jerk isn't he.

No kidding. Fester Shinetop is the meanest man on Meleé Island. Luckily the governor keeps him in check most of the time.
We used to have a fair decent sherrif--



He'd say anything to avoid paying his debt to society.

He IS filthy, and he smells bad too.

You've got a lot of nerve coming into this town and passing judgement on the locals.

Well, now that you mention it...


Man, he is pissed.

What did you do to wind up in there?

I didn't do anything. Especially not to those dumb flowers.

What flowers?

Hang on a second, let's break out the old french-english dictionary for a moment.


It's against the law to pick them.

Yeah, good luck with that whole prison thing. Bye!

Well, keep a still upper lip. I've gotta go.

To the forest!

Ah, here we go.

And back we go.

Okay, we have the poodle poison, now how do we get them to eat it.

I don't think those poodles are vegetarians.

Don't tell me I have to...

Not my meat!

PETA was all over our asses on this one.

Okay, now that we've killed the poodles, time to get to the thieving.

Next time, we discover the horrible secret behind, *scary radio drama music*, The Governors Mansion!