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The Spiderwick Chronicles

by BioEnchanted

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Original Thread: The Threat is on Your Doorstep. Let's Play The Spiderwick Chronicles



Welcome to my new Let's Play, of the PS2 game based on the movie, The Spiderwick Chronicles

What is this Game?

The game follows the plot of the 10-year old adventure movie Spiderwick Chronicles, in which a woman moves into a newly inherited home to get away from a bad breakup with her children's father. You play as 4 characters over the course of the game: Twins Jared and Simon, their sister Mallory, and Thimbletack the Brownie, as they explore the area around the Spiderwick Estate and learn more about the magical world that exists alongside their natural world.

There are a variety of colourful creatures and characters and the world has a very distinct feel that made me fall in love with the game.

Why LP it?

This game doesn't just retell the movie, it expands on it in every way - the locations are fleshed out and there are a lot of creatures to learn about that help add a little history to the areas of the wood. There are a lot of upgrades to seek out, and some amusing minigames and also some neat transport options, and while the world is small it feels very full of stuff so is a pleasure to explore.

Format of the LP

I will be fully exploring this game and intending to get 100% of the things done that can be done. The field guide will be completed with every creature logged and every fairy caught, and the game world will be a better place for it. But lets not get ahead of ourselves. I'm going to lay down a basic ground rule - DO NOT POST SPOILERS IN THIS THREAD. A lot of people haven't seen the movie and will not know where the plot goes, and there are some nice surprises. This goes for plot and gameplay spoilers - let the videos show it first.


Part 1 - Introducing the House
Part 2 - Introducing Thimbletack, as he gives to us things we lack!
Part 3 - The End of the Beginning
Part 4 - The Forest Proper
Part 5 - Simon's Quest
Part 6 - Faries and Farenheit
Part 7 - Sidequests in The Deep Woods
Part 8 - The Tunnels
Part 9 - Thimbletack's Remaining Errands
Part 10 - Raiding the Quarry
Part 11 - Rounding up most of the Sidequests.
Part 12 - Final Boss
Part 13 - 100% Complete

Arthur's Completed Journal
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