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Original Thread: Let's explore not quite Euclidean geometry - The Submachine Series SSLP



Hello and welcome to my LP of the Submachine series. Before we start, let's get some Q&A's out of the way.

What is the Submachine series?
Submachine is a series of point-and-click adventure games created by Mateusz Skutnik. The main themes of the games are exploration and solving puzzles to escape the Submachine. The first game was released back in 2005, and the tenth and final game in the main series came out in December 2015. As the series went on, the games became larger and more involved, and the plot and the mystery of the Submachine also grew deeper.

Okay, so what is a Submachine?
Submachine stands for 'submerged machine'. A submachine consists of many chambers, a lot of them large enough for a human to to explore. In-story, it is believed that most of the submachine (or submachines, it's not completely clear whether there's one or more) exists underground, hence the name. Other than that, the submachine is very mysterious, and we will learn much more about it as we progress through the series. What's known is that the submachine we explore is enormous and even though we'll visit many parts, it's implied we are barely scratching the surface. This "tip of the iceberg" feeling pervades a lot of the series, making the name very appropriate.

Why are you LPing this series and why should I watch?
I consider this series to consist of two main things: there's the individual point-and-click puzzles and there's the overarching mystery of the Submachine we're trying to solve. I will show off the puzzles but I honestly don't think it's that interesting to just be given the answers. So if you like that kind of puzzles, I strongly suggest you play the games yourself. The standard versions of the game are free, after all. I like to focus on the second part: the larger mystery of what the hell is going on. I'll collect information during the LP and keep it in the 2nd post. Lots of theories about this series have already been written, but I'd really like to hear your thoughts and to see a discussion about the nature of the Submachine.

What games are you going to play?
I'm planning to play all ten of the main games and the spin-offs in release order. One exception is Submachine Universe, previously known as the Submachine Network Exploration Experience. This is not a game with an ending, but a free exploration through many of the areas visited in previous Submachine games. New rooms are added to it regularly. I frankly don't really know how to tackle that one, and it doesn't add much to the plot. If I show it off at all, I'll do so at the end of the LP.

There are multiple versions of some of the games. Which versions will you play?
Most notably, there are standard and HD versions. The standard versions are, and always have been, free to play, while the HD versions cost a few dollars apiece, or $25 for the full set of games + soundtrack. While I have bought the HD version, I have decided to show the standard version. That's because I believe that if anyone deserves a compensation for their work, it's people who release cool games for free. If you want to see the HD version, the least you can do is give Mateusz some money and buy the games.

The gameplay of the standard and HD versions are mostly the same, with one notable exception, which I'll point out once we get to it.

Other than that, Mateusz released newer versions of some of the older games as time went on, mostly with small changes to have the games fit better in the series as it grew. I'll be playing the latest version of each game.

Spoiler policy
I'll bet that quite a few people haven't played all the games. And the whole idea of the series is that you slowly gather more hints about the Submachine as time goes on. So I'm going to ask you folks to not talk about anything we have not seen yet. If you post theories, base them on what you've seen in the LP so far. Don't worry, we'll get to the next part soon enough.

Table of Contents

Play the games yourself: Submachine 1 - Submachine 2 - Submachine 3 - Submachine 4 - Submachine 5 - Submachine 6 - Submachine 7 - Submachine 8 - Submachine 9 - Submachine 10
Side games: Submachine Zero - Submachine FLF - Submachine 32 Chambers


Hey you! Yes you, person in the future, reading this in the archive. The rest of this post contains all notes found in the games, and is full of SPOILERS. If this is your first time encountering the Submachine, you might want to skip past this and jump straight to the first update.

Submachine 1: The Basement

Single page from a diary posted:

last summer I went camping under the big waterfall of Kent. I guess this was a great trip for me, however some people do not understand why. Well, I did lose my left arm, but what the hell, I found out that I had a third arm. The invisible one. Since then I started to learn how to use my karma arm, and soon my skills were those of a master. It wasn't a surprise to me when people started turning their backs on me, since I was considered to be a freak and mentally ill. Funny thing, I can't tell them the truth, it would be like explaining the possibility of space travel to a goldfish. So I'm just trying to

Submachine 2: The Lighthouse

Lighthouse Pamphlet posted:


Welcome to the world's famous Kent Lighthouse. This structure has been erected in 1857 by sir Henry o'Toole. It is said that this lighthouse was built on the ruins of a medieval prison dungeon. This is one of our sightseeing attractions as you can go visit the archeological digouts in the lower sections of the lighthouse, just below the basement level. Ask your tour guide for this feature. This lighthouse was amazingly never destroyed, though several wars have been fought over lands of Kent. That allows you to enjoy the original wall structure of this complex.

Thank You for coming,

Hope to see you again.

Cat Note posted:

mid october 05

Today a strangest thing has happened. When I woke up there was a black cat inside the lighthouse. I clearly remember locking all the doors and windows before going to bed - yet - there he was. I have no idea how he could get inside. That bothers me. I named him Einstein, since he's apparently capable of breaking the time and space barrier as he wishes. Probably all cats do, but this particular one did that in front of my very eyes. Well, not exactly, but it's undeniable that he's here now. Just wondering if that has anything to do with my ability to build cross-dimension door with my karma arm. Guess we'll see in time.

Letter to Liz posted:

Hi Elizabeth.

Even in my strangest dreams I never thought that I would be able to create through dimensional pathways leading to new unexplored places. My new experiment took me right below the lighthouse straight to those legendary ruins. You can call me a discoverer from now on. And I only used that wisdom gem that I found lately. Just think where possibly I could go using the lighthouse itself and its full power of light.

I'm considering moving to another place next 32 days.

Will you take care of Einstein for me?



Diary 2 posted:

live my life peacefully not disturbing anyone. The job of a Lighthouse keeper seemed to be just right for me. And I wanted to spend the rest of my life in that lighthouse. But after five months my isolation came to an end when they decided to bury the building. My worst fear ever was to be buried alive. But what about to be buried alive inside of a building? I didn't want to take any chances. So I'm leaving today.

For those who follow me:
I am sorry...
m = [randomly-generated number]


Note to myself posted:


Einstein is gone. Again.
I'm fed up with this.

Note to myself - stop worrying about that damn cat.

Portal Note posted:

so here it is.

I did draw a portal in here, however it's not stable. I'm going to use it, even though I can't tell where I'll end up.

Feel free to use this door whenever you like, just remember that the number of places it can take you to is beyond wildest imagination.

Or I'm just trying to keep you from exiting the lighthouse.

Either way - decide for yourself if you're going to use it or not.


Submachine 3: The Loop

HD Note posted:

Never stroll away from the center.

I had a companion once.
She said she wanted to check how far do these rooms go.

I've never seen her again.

HD Note posted:

I've been here before!

I remember those damn looping rooms. If I could only remember what was that all about. Some machine unlocking further connections, a compass showing me coordinates! Yes! It was all about the coordinates! But there is no compass in here now.

What to do?...

HD Note posted:

He said to mark this paper every time I pass it.

HD Note posted:

The rooms reset every other cycle.
The compass will reappear soon.
If I only knew which cycle I'm in...

Mur's Note posted:


Have you noticed that with each puzzle solved you move deeper below ground? That doesn't look like a good escape plan. The machine itself is a giant trap. In order to escape it you must stop solving puzzles or you'll just remain perpetually in that loop. The loop is timeless, spaceless, without beginning or end. It's the worst place you could have find yourself after teleporting from the lighthouse. Here's what I want you to do:
Don't open the passage-machine in room (0, 0). Instead, look for a green leaf and bring it to the statue in room (-12, 9). This should disconnect you from the loop, in which case you should arrive at the Lab, or somewhere nearby. Good luck!


Submachine 4: The Lab

Conversation with Mur posted:

(@mur): who is this?
(@mur): you're at the lab?
(@mur): and you don't have a keyboard??
(@mur): there is an explanation...
You escaped from the loop...
(@mur): didn't you?
(@mur): ok, first of all, you'll need to get to the portal room. It's protected by a steel grating, and if it's closed you'll need to find some way around the main grating lock. As far as I know you won't find keycodes and security passes for it.
(@mur): second thing, once you're at the portal, you'll need coordinates to go to. I have a list on my comp.
(@mur): I'm printing that for you right now.
(@mur): Get to the portal. Start jumping. Maybe you'll be able to find your way through. Good luck. M

Note 1 posted:

coordinates of known locations:

laboratory: x = 0, y = 0, z = 1
ancient section: x = 1, y = 0, z = 4
looping traps: x = 6, y = 9, z = 0
basement section: x = 5, y = 2, z = 9
lighthouse digouts: x = 4, y = 6, z = 2
tomb trap: x = 7, y = 7, z = 0
the ship: x = 8, y = 0, z = 0

Four teams are exploring the unknown connections.

Note 4 and Note 5 posted:

At first we thought there was just one submachine.

But then Murtaugh came along, and showed us the truth. His ability to create karma portals between locations let him explore more than one third of the submachine net. That took him 32 years. How foolish were we in those early years.

Using his technology we were able to built our own portals to move between dimensions. Now we set up the laboratory, we have reconnaissance exploration teams...

...for submachines, we go on missions into the net trying to discover new places and parts of this greatest puzzle. Murtaugh said once that there is no 'greatest puzzle', no masterplan, no one is controlling this thing. But we think otherwise. There must be a purpose for all of things. We just have to find it. I thought this was all possible, but since Murtaugh deserted us, I'm not so sure anymore. But we found our purpose, we see it clearly. Do you?...

Note 2 posted:

Our mission has just started. Murtaugh taught us the necessity of writing notes and leaving them behind in locations they were made in. That's for leaving a trace in case somebody got lost. But we are all well trained, nothing bad is going to happen. Not this time.

This is just in case. We're moving from here to the ship section, our mission is to get to the upper deck of
that ship. Over and out.

Note 3 posted:

We haven't even started exploring this ancient section and our coil is already dead. Probably someone forgot to recharge it. But the situation is serious.

We don't know the numbers for basement section. The coordinates are back at headquarters, and clearly we can't go back there anymore.

We'll try blind jumps as soon as we get a connection, but where will we end up I simply don't know.

Note 12 posted:

I've been here before!

I remember those damn looping rooms. If I could only remember what was that all about. Some machine unlocking further connections, a compass showing me coordinates! Yes! It was all about the coordinates! But there is no compass in here now.
What to do?...

Note 6 posted:

Our coil is broken, and we don't have a replacement. It's useless. It's so useless.

All that struggle with those damn machines. Is there even some kind of normal world outside this endless mess of the submachine? Over and over again, no beginning nor end. What was his name? That man with one arm? I forgot even that.

I just give up. I don't care anymore.

Note 7 posted:

Murtaugh came by today. He said that since we cannot charge the laser to break the Orb, he's returning it to it's original position.

Just great.

Besides that we got a message from the ancient section exploration team two days ago. I can't tell why but they started blind jumping and found new matching coordinates. 551, some kind of brick room or something. Like if it mattered at all. We won't see them again anyway.

Note 8 posted:

Did you notice that you have never found any signs of human presence in the submachines? No matter which ones? But there are at least four teams wandering around the vast net of submachine. And there are probably other people too, locked within their own locations. What are the odds of never finding anyone here?

But on the other hand, what are the odds of finding alien life forms in the universe?

Note 11 posted:

I'm stuck, please help!

I got all the way to portal room in the lab, then found the coil in the ancient section but I don't know what to do next. I saw that people are leaving notes here behind them, so if anyone can help me...

I'm so confused, every time I find some item I have to wander around submachines looking where to put it. I'm so tired right now. Pls help!


Note 13 posted:

No clues. No clues. Wait, what I was doing here?

Note 9 posted:

Need water. Must find water. Not much, one drop would be enough. Just one drop of water. All I see is sand, 32 chambers filled with sand as I remember.

Write down the coordinates, he said. Wish I have done that. I need water.
Just a drop...

Note 10 posted:

Crew expendable. Where did I hear that? Did that come from the company, or someone even higher? Nevermind... In the meantime we tried almost every possible way of unlocking that damn ladder. this lock just won't open. the last attempt is to blow this up. We're setting up wires right now, and if we're lucky someone of us will survive and finally see what's on the upper deck of the ship. However, I'm going to write another note just after the explosion, if we'll still be alive that is.

Note 14 posted:

If you looked hard enough and you are feeling lucky you can always try this location:


Author's note posted:

Thank You for finishing this game.

Now I'm giving you a choice. You can either go back to main menu to comment this game or even contact the creator (door to the left)
You can go back into the submachine net, because there is a reward for those who find 21/21 secrets. Once You have all the secrets, find a location to use them and enjoy bonus material. (door to the right)
Yours, Mur.

Submachine 5: The Root

Murtaugh posted:

Hi there.
Did you sleep well?
I've got an assignment for you.
You seem to be the best man for this job since your training involved dealing with wisdom crystals. You have to track back your actions and retrieve them. The easiest way is to access the root location and start from there. Root coordinates are: 5-5-2, and don't forget lab coordinates which are 0-0-1. Good Luck.


Assignment posted:

First assignment:
- retrieve three so-called "wisdom gems", lost in the subnet over the years. Those artifacts, engineered in the first sub-era by unknown manufacturer are the only approvable energy source for the machine situated in the corridor location. This location can be accessed by 7-4-7 code.
- power up the machine.
- investigate far side of the net.
- return unharmed.

Submachine 6: The Edge

Note posted:

Well, that's it...

I see no point in holding on any longer.

No one's coming, I've been a fool all the time.


Note posted:

do not mess with the protocols.

If you do, they will lock you up inside. I've seen that happening before.

That's not a good way to die out here.

Anyway, I've had enough. I'm not going in there anymore.

Note posted:

Did he tell you that you were the first one sent out here?

Well, news flash, my friend...

Note posted:

don't believe in his lies.

Secret note posted:

I never thought that playing Murtaugh's game would lead me here.

I never thought I'd have to make a choice. I was just following his orders. Right now it's too late for me to change sides.

For you as well, probably.

But, if you have a chance...

Find Liz. She will guide you.

If he's the explorer, she's the solver.

Portal prototype 2/32 posted:

Portal prototype developed for transportation of maintenance units between different sections of the subnet.

the prototype came into contact with human factor and was reverse-engineered in order to transport humans.

Primary function deleted.

As a main factor in the infestation spread the portal was considered a failure.

Thoth inscription posted:


Patron of: knowledge, secrets, writing, and scribes.

Appearance: A man with the head of an ibis holding a scribe's palette and stylus. He was also shown as a full ibis, or sometimes as baboon.

Description: Thoth is an unusual god. Though some stories place his as a son of Ra, other say that Thoth created himself through the power of language. He is the creator of magic, the inventor of writing, teacher of man, the messenger of the gods (and thus identified by the Greeks with Hermes) and the divine record-keeper and mediator.

He was also a measurer and recorder of time.

Secret note posted:

I was sent here by Murtaugh. Of course, who else.

My objective was to disable the defense systems, so the invasion could reach the core of the subnet.

I know that I wasn't the first one sent out here. I know there were at least 5 people before me.

And as hard it might be to hear, you have to hear this:

Just as I wasn't the first here, you probably won't be the last.

Murtaugh posted:

from: Murtaugh
I don't know if this message reaches anyone or just bounces off of the defense system firewall, but if there is a slightest chance then I must take it.
I need you to disable following protocols:
2-18 - secondary DS
1-12 - primary DS
1-0 - mainframe

Murtaugh posted:

mur@lab: hello?
mur@lab: I can't believe it.
mur@lab: you managed to disable the defense systems of the subnet.
mur@lab: now we can travel freely throughout the net. We can finally invade the core of the submachine.

mur@lab: unfortunately for you, your adventure ends here.

mur@lab: good bye.

Submachine 7: The Core


note to myself


possible entry points failed

check on 291

good feeling about this one

Liz posted:


My name is Elizabeth.

Welcome to my temple of solitude.

There is a great chance that you wandered here after being tested by Murtaugh. If that is the case, I am very sorry that I couldn't get to you before him. It must have been tough on you to get through all his traps, tests and tasks to fulfill. However - worry no more. If you can't find me in the garden, then I am at my laboratory and will be joining you shortly.

Please wait patiently here and try not to touch anything.

Thank you.


Liz posted:

How could they have possibly known?

How could they mimic the structure of the subnet so accurately within simple garden plans?...

This is completely baffling.


Liz posted:

I know it is kind of ironic to dock my laboratory out here in the ruins of the winter palace.

The king always wanted this palace to become safe haven for people of science.

Here I am, my king.


Pamphlet posted:


Welcome to the world's famous Winter Palace of the fourth dynasty.

Built in 1832 by sir Henry o'Toole, a young architect, barely known at that time, merely the servant of King's master urbanist.

After finishing this palace o'Toole gained respect in modern art circles of the Western Kingdom.

This Winter Palace and surrounding gardens are prime examples of antistructural architecture freed from boundaries of material durability.

Make sure you also visit the famous Kent Lighthouse built by the same architect.

Thank you for coming, we hope to see you again.

Liz posted:

Now you know how Murtaugh's karma portals work. You just used one. They can in fact transport you through different dimensions.

However the ones drawn within the core are... short range. Those were the first ones he has ever drawn. A test. Baby steps if you will.

Now that you used one - please, do not use them anymore. They shatter the fabric of this dimension. Murtaugh neglected that fact and... Just look around where we ended...



Once there was a man who said he knew what was happening after Murtaugh left.

Since then that man left us as well.


Why does this sociopath only talk to Elizabeth?

Liz posted:

So when things started to collapse, why certain bits and pieces got left behind?

They just stayed in place...

And why those in particular?



If subnet is universe, then the loops are black holes.

Book page posted:

[...] The Fourth Dynasty at the peak of it's cultural and technological development was able to create first man-made submachine structure. That was around the beginning of twentieth century and is now considered the birthdate of the outer rim. Those first structures were merely flawed copies of the original structures, but in time they grew into something completely autonomous. Attempts to chart new territories failed miserably leaving the vast submachine wilderness to it's own. [...]


Once the great scheme of things was clearly visible through the layers of seven main dimensions.

Right now due to corossion, collapse and spontaneous growth of the outer rim the plan is almost unrecognizable.

We humans deserted the outer rim, and the outer rim responded with deserting us.

Nothing but decay ensues.

The plan is lost.

Liz posted:

It's no wonder they wanted to bury this whole lighthouse with him still inside.

The collapse death toll was growing exponentionally.


Mur posted:

Hi Elizabeth.

Even in my strangest dreams I never thought that I would be able to create through dimentional pathways leading to new unexplored places. My new experiment took me right below the lighthouse straight to those
legendary ruins.

You can call me a discoverer from now on. And I only used that wisdom gem that I found lately. Just think where possibly I could go using the lighthouse itself and its full power of light.

I'm considering moving to another place next 32 days.

Will you take care of Einstein for me?



Liz posted:

Dear Murtaugh.

I understand your desire to build another karma portal within the lighthouse. I urge you not to do this. Once you leave the core no one knows where you'll end up. The outer rim is endless. No one knows what types of mutations of submachines grew out there.

I will take care of Einstein, but remember this. Once you step through that portal - you can never go back. The Core will be forever lost to you.

Liz posted:

I finally understood how they could mimic the structure of the subnet within a garden...

They didn't have to mimic. They were already living inside the subnet.


Liz posted:

I can hear Murtaugh breaching the defenses of my ship. It is the high time for me to leave this dimension.

I'm sorry I couldn't wait for you any longer, but I fear that with one more karma portal placed this dimension will collapse entirely.

I know what he wants to do. I know why he came back to the core. He's after those who buried him alive in that lighthouse.

I have to warn them. I have to get to the fifth layer. I wish you could follow me but I have only one rescue pod left.

I am sorry.


Submachine 8: The Plan


Liz: You can create dimensional portals while being inside such a portal?

Murtaugh: Yes, I can.

Liz: And when you do, what happens then?

Murtaugh: change direction.

Liz: Direction of what?

Murtaugh: Of everything.


Murtaugh is coming back. We should go.

We should go now.


I clearly remember the day it all ended. It was not long after the computer processing power exceeded that of the human brain. Many thought that this was the turning point, but not so. The moment came a bit later. I remember, because I was there, when we asked the biggest question. The one we've been struggling with for millennia.

Why are we?

But this time the question wasn't directed at us. We asked the computer. And that was the turning point in the history of humanity. That exact moment. Once we acknowledged that we're not the most evolved structure on our planet, once we passed the torch, our purpose diminished. Did we expect the computer to fry under the heaviest of questions? Of course. So you can imagine our surprise, when this happened.

The computer answered the question.


- Where are you?
- I'm standing right beside you. Can't you see me?
- No.
- Let's compare our geotags once more.
- Something's off. We are at the same location. But...
- Where are you?


- But why the boundaries. Why this particular shape?

- The idea is to give you the glimpse of the plan. Just a glimpse. Seeing it in all it's glory would blind your mind.


- I never knew beam of light could bend like that.


- This is just a toy. Just a toy.

- It's not a toy. It's a knot. You have to untie it. Unless you're Alexander.


- Do you see it now?

- Yes... How is it even possible? They're interlocking perfectly...

- Who needs god when you have architects like that, right?


A woman came to our village. No one knows exactly how she entered, since the gate was closed at the time. She went straight to the [term not translational], and one minute later a beam of bright light shot from it straight up to the sky. When she disappeared we knew we were blessed with the presence of the goddess. That was 742 years ago, and we worship her to this day.


Liz: So... Did you ever catch me after all?...

Murtaugh: You know there are seven answers to that question, my dear Liz.

Secret posted:

Murtaugh: "If there's one thing I regret - it's the fact that of all people I sent to the edge no one ever came back. Not a single soul. That will haunt me for the rest of my life..."

Liz: "I know."

Secret posted:

- "Have you ever been to the place called the loop?"

- "Yes, of course."

- "See, this knot is just like the loop. Well, maybe not exactly, but it serves the same purpose."

- "In that case... What is so important in layer 5?..."




Secret posted:

- "Why does this sociopath only talk to Elizabeth?"

- "Your question is wrongly put. You wanted to ask: why doesn't he talk to us. The answer is simple: he doesn't see us. Does that make him a sociopath? Not necessarily. But that does mean he's focused."

Secret posted:

- "But that's impossible! He can't be in different dimensions at the same time!"

- "Impossible? What does that even mean?..."

Secret posted:

- "Doesn't he understand that his karma portals are shattering this dimension?"

- "This dimension? You mean the third one? You know that's not even the original dimension, right? What do you think is more important - the origin or the flawed copy?"

Submachine 9: The Temple


The light of Shiva drawn Murtaugh to live in the lighthouse.


The light of Shiva drawn Elizabeth to leave the lighthouse.


When Murtaugh put his arm into the waterfall, he noticed that he no longer had an arm, but seven of them. That was not something unexpectable.

What is a miracle, though, is that after he removed his arm from the waterfall - he still could see all seven layers of his left arm.

Not longer after that he understood, that focusing them all in one place created a portal. That was because all of his arms from all of the layers met at one place and caused he interdimensional karma flow at his fingertips.


When Murtaugh saw the cat changing the layer of reality he falsely connected that event with Einstein's theory of relativity.

That was because in those early days Murtaugh was just beginning to understand the structures of reality.

During his intellectual growth he was able to come across the cat several times. He grew attached to the animal.

When he asked Elizabeth to take care of the cat, she took him back to his appropriate dimension in the first layer.


Nobody could predict that the enlightenment would cause such destruction. Even Murtaugh himself didn't know what happened. He was already looking at all layers at once. He was already removed from one-dimensionality.

To be back in only one layer, Murtaugh had to lose his focus. After he focused his mind back on the structure of the plan, his exploration teams didn't understand what happened. Some called it abandonment. Others - rapture. No wonder they panicked.

They did not even have a philosophical device to comprehend the true nature of his disappearance.


- Why does this sociopath talk only to Elizabeth?

- She's the only person he can see. Remember, we're one-dimensional. We're like a drawing on a piece of paper to him. A drawing that was erased, redrawn and erased again. Seven times over.


- The greatest mystery and misconception of the doctrine is that Murtaugh gained his powers.

- He didn't?

- No. They were given to him.

- By whom?...

- By Shiva, naturally.

Secret posted:

- There are seven main layers of reality.

- Yes, that's common knowledge.

- But there is another layer. The one often misinterpreted as the layer of time.

- If it's not time, what is it then?

- That's the layer of Light. You see, when you move through the field of atoms frozen in time, the friction causes them to emit visible light. It's everywhere you move. It's not a guiding light. You're the one who's guiding that light. Where you will go is entirely up to you.

Secret posted:

- How is it possible, that people are still coming through the loop and trying to turn off the defense systems? After all these years...

- What would you have me do. Destroy his creation? Destroy the whole section?

- I don't know... Maybe...

- You're talking about destroying our history. What next, book burning?

- No, of course not. But maybe... A sign? That it's no longer necessary to shut down the defenses?

- And what about those in the eighth layer?

- I stand corrected...

Secret posted:

Murtaugh never said it was about revenge. But by then he was well used to not being understood. Back then they didn't yet have seven-layer bullets.

The only option was to meet him at the knot. The place where all dimensions intertwined to become one. Then and there, they waited.

And when he appeared, Murtaugh was finally able to see what has happened. He fell to his knees. She came to him, sat down beside him and they started talking.

The bullets never reached them.

Secret posted:

After the second enlightenment Murtaugh dedicated his life to restoring the chaos. While the main layers flourished under his word, the third dimension remained broken.

Murtaugh was originally from the third layer, therefore there was nothing he could do to bring it back to the unbroken state. He often spoke about it as being a thorn in his heart. This was consuming him until the day Shiva gave him comfort of knowledge of the future.

Murtaugh was already dying, and just before he drew his last breath - the light came to him and showed him what was to come. We believe he stayed in that moment forever.

Secret posted:

If he's the explorer, she's the healer. If he's the child, she's the older sister. When he couldn't understand, she knew that it wasn't his fault. When he fell, she picked him up. When they wanted to kill him, she explained.

When he died, she carried his words. When she died, we buried her alongside him. They remain together in the light of Shiva. Your journey is almost at its end.

Congratulations. You've reached the highest level of understanding possible to a one-dimensional mind. If you want to leave the structure, Shiva will guide you. Just follow him.

Submachine 10: The Exit


We the King welcome you in Northern Garden docks.

Anyone who seeks peace and calmness will find it under the leaves of our blessed florae.



Temporal anomaly leak ahead.


- So how did he escape after all?

- Through the lighthouse, naturally. how else?...


- I've found my grave today. A proper tomb, in fact...
- Well, I guess that's bound to happen sooner or later if you're a time traveller.
- I've also found your tomb, right next to mine.
- Oh, that's so sweet of them.


- We're in a loop.
- Yes, I know, there are time anomaly leaks everywhere, but we're not in one right now. Are we?
- No, not horizontal loop. Vertical one.
- What do you mean?
- Look through my microscope. And then through my telescope. You'll see.


Dear Murtaugh.

That's great news. Please remember one thing. Submachine didn't wait for this discovery, it moved on and is healing itself, as any normal organism would. Did you see the power generator in the oldest sections of the root? The one destroyed by your portal long time ago? Now it's being rebuilt by five karmic veins. If you haven't seen it - please do, it's a remarkable proof that Submachine became sentient being.



- If there is countless number of sub-layers, it's practically impossible for two people the end up in the same layer, right?
- Yes, good observation.
- But the non-living matter can be persistant between layers.
- Yes, there are special building materials mixed with just a hint of karmic water. This technique was discovered during the Fourth Dynasty.
- Naturally. The architects of the Plan...
- So you can imagine how a non-living sentient organism, powered by the super-intelligence of Shiva was able to embrace all layers at once. The Submachine is now living in five dimentions.


- - - - - - - - S.H.I.V.A. - - - - - - - -

no permission to access


- Do you know how many numbers are there between 0 and 1.
- ... Infinite?...
- Exactly. There is a countless number of sub-layers between any two main layers of reality. The important thing to remember is that as there are seven main layers, all stable, as all their sub-layers, there is also the eighth layer, known as the layer of light, which is not stable and it can float freely through all other layers. Murtaugh was trapped in the eighth layer once, that's why he was unable to focus his being on a single layer. Fortunately Elizabeth managed to snap him out of this trap.


Light crown converter needed to connect light crown to the fuse outlet.


- I'll come back to the shrine every 32 years. I promise, anyone who still listens to this frequency.


Dear Elizabeth!

I'm so close! You won't believe how much progress I've done in last... How long was it?... 3.5 years? My lord, it feels good to be focused again.

I know this sounds stupid, but as a time traveller I have to say it feels good to see time run by you.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand. My theory of focused karma was correct! I have scientific evidence at my laboratory. Once it doesn't penetrate any two given layers creating a portal - it actually restores previously destroyed sub-molecular order.

Now, all I need is some kind of... portable karma stabiliser, and I'm good to go!

Just imagine - stable and secure karmic portals. Would you believe that?



- You can't fix everything, just let it go. Submachine doesn't need your help. It's fine as it is.
- You know you're taking away my life's goal, right?
- We'll find you a new one, don't worry. You were part of this organism, I admit, a crucial one, but just a part nonetheless. You can't think of yourself any bit higher. That would be arrogant, and't that's not you anymore.
- What would I do without you, my dear...


- But how is it possible, that she knew the Submachine was sentient and reasoning? That's like Lumiere brothers talking about retina cinema of the early 21st century.
- Don't forget, that's Elizabeth you're talking about. Right?
- ... Right...


- I think you're ready to enter the Submachine. You know more than enough and will probably find out more on your journey. Remember, this can destroy or transform you. But you will not return the same man. May the wisdom of Thoth guide you.
- Thank you, holy usher. I will not fail you.
- Don't fail yourself, my young disciple.


- Wait, Submachine was already sentient that early?
- Of course. The mainframe of Submachine became conscious once it's processing power surpassed that of the human brain. They asked the question, remember? And Shiva answered. Submachine was sentient for at least 32 days before that.
- Now I understand. Shiva is the brain, Submachine is the body. It's all so clear now.


- How will you know that they're coming?
- I'll keep my eye on the lighthouse. Once the lamp goes off, they'll be coming.
- But that lamp is behind steel curtains...
- Don't worry. I'll know once it's off.

Secret posted:

Are we alone in the Submachine? Well, yes, but you can always feel somebody right beside you, doing the same things you do in the Submachine. Just one sub-layer away. That's comforting, isn't it?

Secret posted:

What happened to sunshine_bunnygirl_17? Don't worry, I took care of her. I transported her to the first layer, she's taking care of Einstein when I'm not around.

Secret posted:

Will I ever come back to the Submachine? Well, of course. There are more people still trapped there, my mission is to navigate the sub-layer infinity to find them and bring them home.

Secret posted:

Is Submachine real? Or just a dream? Well, if Submachine is only a dream, I still haven't woken up from it. I mean, as far as I know, it's real, all of it.

Secret posted:

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for playing Submachine, for finding all secrets and sticking around for as long as you did. For me this journey lasted 10 years, I know that for some of you too. Thank you and see you in the next game!

Mateusz Skutnik
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