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Part 35: Submachine 10: The Exit

Part 35
Submachine 10: The Exit

Welcome to this very special episode. I hope you're ready!

Last time we collected all Secrets. Let's go get our prize.

The Secret area is hidden in the Edge this time.

We need to go back into that corridor where we activated the S.H.I.V.A. override.

Putting the Triple A Battery into the -S-3-C- slot in the Captain's Ship opens the corresponding door here. S3C of course stands for 'Secret'.

Thumpmonks - Submachine 4 - Bonus Area

We use a Secret to open the laser barrier.

In the next room, one Secret lowers the pillar and activates the screen.


Are we alone in the Submachine? Well, yes, but you can always feel somebody right beside you, doing the same things you do in the Submachine. Just one sub-layer away. That's comforting, isn't it?
And similarly, it's quite possible that right now, there's someone on the other side of the world reading this same Let's Play. And they're probably a nice person.


The Secret notes in this game truly feel like a sort of send-off, they answer some final questions and even start breaking the fourth wall a bit. I really like them. And I think the best way to treat them is by revealing the other four one by one, as we near the end of this final Submachine game.

So, where were we? Ah yes, escaping the Submachine. Last time we collected a bunch of Tiles and a pair of Plasma Coils, which we'll need shortly. We need to go back through the Angel Ruins to the Captain's Ship (again).

Where we climb down, back to the Northern Garden Docks.

Far to the right inside the building on the Docks, there was this stairway that led to a dead end.

But with the Karma Stabiliser, that is quickly remedied.

This portal door lights up as soon as we insert all four Tiles. My Backpack is now empty, by the way. We're quickly using up items at this point in the game.


Before we step through the door, let's see another secret note.

Another laser barrier and another pillar, that's two more Secrets used. (The Secret you see to the right is just me holding one with the mouse cursor.)


What happened to sunshine_bunnygirl_17? Don't worry, I took care of her. I transported her to the first layer, she's taking care of Einstein when I'm not around.
This is important news! If you remember, we found a note containing a cry for help from sunshine_bunnygirl_17 back in Submachine 4. She was tired, confused and lost.

Turns out she's fine! And so is Einstein the cat!


The door takes us to a new area called the Metal Section. To the right, there's only an empty Sub-Bot pod. So let's go left.

Some stuff on the wall...


- I think you're ready to enter the Submachine. You know more than enough and will probably find out more on your journey. Remember, this can destroy or transform you. But you will not return the same man. May the wisdom of Thoth guide you.
- Thank you, holy usher. I will not fail you.
- Don't fail yourself, my young disciple.
And to the far left, another strange Note. I'm sure the folks in the thread can make some sense of this.

In the room we just passed, we can use the two Plasma Coils to enable the console.

The console's interface looks similar to those in the Edge, but it's yellow instead of green... to me that makes it look older, somehow.

Anyway, we made the ladder appear to the left, and we can climb it to some narrow crawl space.

Which leads us to a new Karma Portal.


Another good moment to throw in a Secret.

Open laser barrier, lower pillar.


Will I ever come back to the Submachine? Well, of course. There are more people still trapped there, my mission is to navigate the sub-layer infinity to find them and bring them home.
Tell me, is this Murtaugh talking... or Mateusz? I like to think it's both.


The Karma Portal takes us to another crawl space. Where exactly are we?

Thumpmonks - Submachine 10 - Submachine 2 redux

Welcome back to the Lighthouse Tower. First things first, a Note.


- Wait, Submachine was already sentient that early?
- Of course. The mainframe of Submachine became conscious once it's processing power surpassed that of the human brain. They asked the question, remember? And Shiva answered. Submachine was sentient for at least 32 days before that.
- Now I understand. Shiva is the brain, Submachine is the body. It's all so clear now.
This one basically spells out the relation of the Submachine and Shiva, in case you hadn't figured it out yet. The game is done with giving us vague hints.

To the top we go!

Ah, the Lighthouse lamp. It's been a long time since I...


Yup. Touching the active Lighthouse lamp transports you to the Loop, just like it did at the end of Submachine 2. And just like then, it's one-way. At least we appear right at the Karma Portal, so we don't have to traverse the random maze.

I think it's actually a funny detail, and I'm glad it's in the game. But it's a bit buggy. Because the last Binary Portal we took was to OOO (that's the way back to the Captain's Ship), the game seems to still think you're there, and you can't directly portal back. You have to portal to some other location first, and then everything works again.

Except... remember the ladder in the Docks? One of the first puzzles was getting it to line up with the Ship. What you could theoretically do is move the ladder away from the Ship, then take the one-way Lighthouse lamp portal back to the Loop... which means you can't climb down from the Captain's Ship anymore, you can't reach the Lighthouse Tower, and you just got yourself permanently stuck in the Submachine. Only solution is resetting the entire game.

In any case, we quickly run back to where we were.

To the left of the lamp, we retrieve the ID Card we put in long ago.

And to the right, we take the Fuse back.

The good news is that taking either of these items permanently disables the lamp. So no accidental teleporting anymore.


We need to take these items elsewhere, so first, let's get to the fourth secret.

You know the deal by now. After activating this screen, there's only 2 Secret items left in our inventory.


Is Submachine real? Or just a dream? Well, if Submachine is only a dream, I still haven't woken up from it. I mean, as far as I know, it's real, all of it.
These secrets are getting rather philosophical. A piece of art, a fictional world, is as real as you make it. And if you put as much time into creating it as Mateusz did, I'm sure it becomes real enough for you.


Back to the Captain's Ship.

There was this one console that's been asking for the Captain's ID Card since the beginning of the game. Well, it accepts the one from the Lighthouse (meaning Murtaugh was the captain of this ship?), and the ceiling hatch opens.

In the new 'bulb' we enter at the top, we find another note tucked behind a pipe.


- How will you know that they're coming?
- I'll keep my eye on the lighthouse. Once the lamp goes off, they'll be coming.
- But that lamp is behind steel curtains...
- Don't worry. I'll know once it's off.
Uh oh, and we just turned it off.

We can climb to the top of the Ship here, where we find the Portable Light Crown. Hey, remember that hint we found earlier?


Light crown converter needed to connect light crown to the fuse outlet.

The final item we need is back at the Edge.

Once we put in the fuse, it allows us to take the Portable Light Crown Converter.

Back at the Lighthouse Tower, let's do some assembly.

We put the Portable Light Crown Converter in the Fuse outlet.

We stick the Portable Light Crown in.

And finally we put in the Light Sphere.


This is it, folks. But first, one final secret.

We repeat the steps once more to reach the last room in the S3C corridor.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for playing Submachine, for finding all secrets and sticking around for as long as you did. For me this journey lasted 10 years, I know that for some of you too. Thank you and see you in the next game!

Mateusz Skutnik
Thank you, Mateusz, for putting all this work in making these games. I've been playing them soon after release for years now, and this Let's Play alone took nearly a year and a half. Quite a journey indeed.


And every journey comes to an end.

Ending cinematic - make sure to watch it

Awww, it's Einstein .

And Mur and Liz, of course.

I just like to end on the note that those of us who played the games as they came out were left wondering what Mur and Liz look like, and if we'd ever get to meet them, for the better part of a decade. That makes this a very proper ending to the series.