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The Suffering

by Egomaniac

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Original Thread: There are things worse than death... (The Suffering)


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Welcome to The Suffering.

In this game we take on the role of Torque, a new deathrow inmate at Abbott State Penitentiary - an Alcatraz-esque prison on Carnate Island, ten miles off the coast of Maryland, who arrives just in time for an assault on the prison by a legion of horrifying monsters. Torque has been convicted of murdering his wife and children, and the truth about the killings and his past will be revealed during the course of the game.

The Suffering has three endings: Good, Bad and Insane, which depend upon the player's behavior throughout the game. We will be playing through the Good path since it's the most difficult, requiring us to keep other inmates and guards alive and to go out of our way to help them escape. Rest assured that the other endings and the direct results of any evil choices will be showcased as well.

This is the XBox version of the game, and we'll be going through on the highest difficulty setting (Impossible), with subtitle commentary on videos from Chapter One. The Suffering has a few side areas that add to the story and the background of Carnate, so we'll get to see all of those as well.

The following is taken from the manual and the official website.

Carnate Island
Carnate Island is certainly among the most bizarre and unique of the properties owned and maintained by the Department of Corrections, and the decision to locate Abbott State Penitentiary there was dubious at best.
The D.O.C. has received innumerable complaints from facility staff, who resent living in such a remote location with such a storied history, not to mention unseasonably poor weather. Penitentiaries are not meant to be pleasant, of course, but Carnate takes this principle to a new level.
The island is located ten miles off the coast of Maryland. A Puritan village was the first recorded group of Caucasian settlers in the late 17th century. After only a few decades a horrifying event transpired that involved the tragic deaths of a number of townspeople. This resulted in the disbanding of the community.
A lighthouse was built on the island in 1834, and is still in operation to this day. It is now automated, though it is plagued by frequent breakdowns.
In the late 19th century, a wealthy family purchased the entire island and built a sizeable estate on its west side. The family's stay was short lived. Apparently they were deeply traumatized by an undisclosed incident and immediately moved away.
The mansion was subsequently converted into a mental institution, though whether it was officially accredited remains uncertain. The Carnate Institution for the Alienated, as it was called, was run by one Dr. Killjoy until some time in the 1920s.
Files indicate that Killjoy's methods were unscientific at best, barbaric and depraved at worst. The asylum still stands today, and anyone who has paid it a visit will have a ghost story to tell you.
The federal government acquired the island in the 1930s for use by the US Army during World War II. Following the war, ownerships was transferred to the State of Maryland, and the facilities were converted into Abbott State Penitentiary. Operation of the facility continues to this day.
The D.O.C. also provides barracks for corrections officers and their families, necessary since there is no regular ferry service to the mainland. Employee retention rate at Abbott is low; unsurprising, given the bizarre living arrangements that are required of employees, not to mention the generally unsettling and unpleasant nature of the island itself.


State of Maryland Department of Corrections
Confidential Document: Not for Public Release
Abbott State Penitentiary Inmate Report

Completed by: Supervising Corrections Officer Ethan Edwards
Inmate Identification Number: 16229A
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 180 lbs
Hair: Dark brown/Black
Eyes: Brown
Marks/Scars/Tattoos: Large tattoo on small of back.
Next of Kin: None.
Offense: Three counts murder in the first degree. Convicted, August 2nd.
Sentence: Death by lethal injection.
Release Date: Scheduled date of execution is December 15th.
Current Legal Status: No appeals pending.
Date of Transfer: Inmate is sentenced to be transferred to Abbott State Penitentiary on September 1st.
Assigned Housing Unit: D-Block, unit #DX-02.
Medical Status: Inmate claims to be prone to black outs, during which time he has no memory of his actions. No medical data has ever been presented to back up this claim. Inmate has anger management issues.
Notes: Corrections officers will need to be mindful of inmate's safety due to the nature of his crime. D.O.C. regulations prohibit discussion of the specifics of an inmate's crime between officers, but due to the high level of publicity surrounding this inmate's offense I will make an exception: inmate was convicted of killing his ex-wife and two young children. Penitentiary population does not look well on child killers. That said, inmate has a record of violent (and sometimes lethal) altercations during previous sentence carried out at Eastern Correctional Institution. In short: it seems he is able to take care of himself. Despite periodic outbursts of violence (primarily against other inmates), inmate has been very cooperative with corrections personnel. This inmate will need to be watched closely, though the amount of trouble he could cause on death row is certainly minimal.




CHAPTER ZERO - Waiting to DieDailymotion Vimeo  
CHAPTER ZERO (EVIL) - Waiting to DieDailymotion Vimeo  
CHAPTER ONE INTRO - The Worst Place on EarthDailymotion Vimeo  
CHAPTER ONE - The Worst Place on EarthPart One Part Two Part One Part Two  
CHAPTER TWO - DescendingPart One Part Two Vimeo  
CHAPTER THREE - Slumber of the Dead Vimeo Google
CHAPTER FOUR - Abbott Prison Blues Part One Part Two Part Three Part One Part Two Part Three
CHAPTER FIVE - No More PrisonsDailymotion Vimeo  
CHAPTER SIX - I Can Sleep When I'm DeadPart One Part Two   Part One Part Two
CHAPTER SEVEN - Everything Beautiful is GoneDailymotion Vimeo  
CHAPTER EIGHT - Darkest Night, Eternal BlightDailymotion Vimeo  
CHAPTER NINE - Oblivion RegainedDailymotion Vimeo  
CHAPTER TEN - You've Mistaken Me For Someone ElseDailymotion Vimeo  
CHAPTER ELEVEN - Hate the Sin, Not the SinnerPart One Part Two Part One Part Two  
CHAPTER TWELVE - A Lonely Place to Die Vimeo Google
CHAPTER THIRTEEN - Dancing at the Dawn of the ApocalypseDailymotion Vimeo  
CHAPTER FOURTEEN - SurfacingDailymotion Vimeo  
CHAPTER FIFTEEN - An Eye for an Eye Makes the Whole World BlindDailymotion Vimeo  
CHAPTER SIXTEEN - Who Wants to Deny Forever?Dailymotion Vimeo  
CHAPTER SEVENTEEN - Death Be Not ProudPart One Part Two Part One Part Two  
CHAPTER EIGHTEEN - Single Bullet TheoryPart One Part Two Part One Part Two  
CHAPTER NINETEEN - And a Child Shall Lead ThemPart One Part Two Part One Part Two  
CHAPTER TWENTY - Last Breath Before DyingDailymotion Vimeo  
GOOD ENDINGDailymotion Vimeo  
NEUTRAL ENDINGDailymotion Vimeo  
BAD ENDINGDailymotion Vimeo  

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